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Updates on Full Tilt Poker Cash Out Problems

Posted  December 12, 2010  by  Chris Wilcox

A couple of weeks have gone by since I have had troubles with Full Tilt’s bounced checks, etc. Since then I have gotten my wire transfer as well as another one that took less than 48 hours to hit my account. I have also gotten a lot of email and comments from fellow poker players […]

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Poker Politics

Full Tilt Poker Rigged??

Posted  February 19, 2010  by  Chris Wilcox

Lately it has come to my attention through my own experiences and the numerous threads and postings out there on the internet, that online poker is rigged. Full Tilt poker is rigged. Even though I am a profitable player on Full Tilt they have obviously rigged the game against me and here is why. I […]

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Poker Rooms

The Continuing Saga of Cashing Out With Full Tilt Poker

Posted  November 16, 2010  by  Chris Wilcox

After nearly 6 weeks of correspondence with Full Tilt about where my cashout checks were and then why they bounced, I finally have the money back in my Full Tilt Poker account. Yippeee!!! Yesterday I was contacted again by a Full Tilt rep who apologized profusely for my inconvenience, told me the money was back […]

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Poker Hands

Texas Hold Em Starting Hands

Posted  June 14, 2008  by  Chris Wilcox

Obviously, one of the keys to playing Texas Hold em is which starting hands you choose to play. This subject is always one of much debate by poker pundits everywhere. Of course, there can be no hard and fast rules for picking which to cards you will play, because selection is always dependent on a […]

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