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Kickstarter Guide for Tournament No Limit Holdem

Please check out by short, intensive guide series of Kickstarter books geared specifically for the genre of poker you want to play. My NLH tournament version is the most popular: NO LIMIT HOLDEM TOURNAMENT GUIDE    
by Chris Wilcox

No Limit Texas Holdem Beginner Kickstarter Course

No Limit Texas Holdem Beginner Kickstarter Course Ebook

I have written an awful lot about No Limit Texas Hold’em over the last 5 or 6 years, starting with my first No B.S. Guide to Winning No Limit Texas Hold’em. However, I have never written a guide for beginners or one that co...
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7 Card Stud - 7 Card Stud8 Kickstarter Course Ebook

7 Card Stud – 7 Card Stud8 Kickstarter Course Ebook

As much as I like 7 Card Stud and Stud/8, I had to really step back and consider both games before I even decided to write these guides. Both games are very niche oriented and nearly a thing of the past. You won‘t find stud g...
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no limit holdem tournament strategy

No Limit Holdem Tournament Strategy Poker Kickstarter Course Ebook

So, you think you want to be a tournament poker player? Who doesn’t? The poker tournament is the lottery ticket of the poker industry and with the incredible juggernaut that is the WSOP, many players throughout the world ...
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Omaha Poker

Omaha H/L Poker Kickstarter Course Ebook

There are a couple of reasons to learn to play Omaha H/L. (which is also referred to as Omaha/8) It is a game that is often found both in cash variations and in tournaments both online and off, so you can play it pretty much an...
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RAZZ Poker

RAZZ Poker KickStarter Course Ebook

Let me just begin by saying, ‘I love Razz.’ It’s probably because I am more than half crazy because a more frustrating poker game does not exist, but I do truly love to play Razz. I think the main reason for this is, most...
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