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Letting Go of Big Pocket Pairs in NL Texas Hold em

Posted August 23, 2009 by Chris Wilcox

Everybody likes to see a big pocket pair. K-K, Q-Q, even J-J is pretty nice to look down and see in your hand. However, many internet players have a hard time knowing when to lay these pairs down. It is never fun to go from the euphoric feeling of having pocket K’s to have to […]

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Poker Coaching

Poker Question&Answer on NL Holdem

Posted May 27, 2010 by Chris Wilcox

The following is a Q&A that I got the other day from a fellow poker player. I thought it was a useful discussion to clarify a few points that I made have made incorrectly in one of my posts: Q: Hi, just wanting to know what situation it is where you mention betting 2x the […]

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Poker Strategy

Recovering from a losing hand in online poker

Posted February 16, 2010 by Chris Wilcox

Something that I see constantly when playing tournaments online is players who build a decent chip stack, lose one hand, be it to a bad beat or just a better hand at the wrong time, and then they proceed to get desperate to replenish their chips. I don’t call it ’tilt’ although it may be […]

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More on the Best way to Play Small Pocket Pairs in NLH

Posted November 12, 2010 by Chris Wilcox

I tend to discuss how to play pocket pairs a lot. I think it is extremely important to your overall poker strategy and most players seem to struggle with playing smaller pairs like 4’s or 6’s. It’s easy to get excited when you get dealt a pair in Texas Hold’em. It always seems like a […]

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No Limit Texas Hold em Poker Cash Game Strategy

Posted May 5, 2009 by Chris Wilcox

I am frequently asked by fellow online poker players how to avoid suck-outs in cash ring games, especially lower limit. Many players like to hone their game and learn to play on the lower limit tables online. One of the pit falls of this, is that there are many idiots playing who will play any […]

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Post Flop Strategy in No Limit Texas Hold em Poker

Posted November 6, 2008 by Chris Wilcox

It is always easy (seemingly) for most players to play good cards before the flop. When you have A-K, there is only the question of how much you will raise, rather than if you will see the flop, at least as a general rule. Where many novice players go wrong, however, is after the flop. […]

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