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April 17, 2009

Heads up Texas Hold em Poker

One nice thing about playing heads up No Limit Texas Hold em is that is a very good test of your skills. You are not generally going to be subjected to odd swings of luck the way you are at a full table cash ring game. What heads up generally boils down to is, who is the better player.   Probably the most important thing to remember when playing heads up poker is patience. There is no need to get in a hurry. There is no need to fall prey to that tempting all-in.

There is no urgency, even in a heads up Sit n Go. SnG’s of course will have rising blinds, but, remember, your opponent is generally not being dealt any better or worse cards than you are.  In a full table game, as a general rule, someone is going to have a decent hand in any given round. Not so, heads up, which is why more skill becomes involved.

Heads up poker, especially in No Limit Hold em is the ultimate test. If you are feeling good about your poker skills, play heads up at whatever dollar level you are comfortable at, and you will soon see which area your game is lacking in. Not only that, you will improve your overall game by practicing heads up poker.  There is nothing to hide behind in this type of game. Either you are good enough to win, or you need more work!  Heads-up is a great test of your poker skills and will really tell you where your game is at.

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