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September 29, 2008

No Limit Texas Hold em at the Mirage!

I spent this weekend playing NL Hold em at the Mirage Casino in Vegas and wanted to write a quick blog about their poker room. The Mirage has a lot going on and if you are in Vegas to play some Hold’em, especially at lower dollar levels, then this casino is certainly worth your time to check out.

There are always a number of $1-$2, $3-$6, and $10 and up games going on. The Mirage has a pretty good system to rotate players in and out of these games. All you have to do is put your name on the list if the game is full and as soon as a seat opens up they will give you a call. Even the higher dollar games seem to get plently of action and you will see a lot of newbies playing in these games.

Another cool aspect to the card room at the Mirage is that they are one of the few casino around to offer Sit n Go’s. If you are an SNG fan that is used to playing online, these 10 player games are a perfect way to spend a hour or so playing NL Hold em in Vegas. There are 3 levels of games going on as soon as they fill up, $70, $115, and $175. The top 2 places are paid and the games usually fill up pretty quickly. The only thing I did notice was later at night, these games are not quite as common. Otherwise, you should be able to play in the game of your choice as a general rule.

Most of the players playing in these are complete fish, if you have cut our teeth on some of the competetive internet games, you will find these 10 player events to be easy pickings.  I saw a player call 2 all-ins with J-T suited if that gives you an idea of how loose these games tend to be. If you can be patient and selective, you will be able to dominate pretty easily.

An important point to remember about these SNG’s and also the $1-$2 and $3-$6 games, is that you are going to run into a lot of players without much poker experience. They have probably watched more on ESPN than they have actually played. You need to play with a little restraint and you might have to deal with a suck out or two. Don’t let it bother you. Just play another SNG or get in another cash game, the odds will catch up to these players, they cant suck out and get lucky every hand. Play your strong hands, strong and don’t be afraid to slow play a monster, most of these players will not understand what you are doing. They are simply in Vegas to have a good time. If you pay attention, you can go home with their money!

The Mirage also offers a bigger tournament Sunday-Thursday, called their “Poker Zone” tournaments. These tend to be larger and get a few more entries depending on the day of the week that you play. They tend to reward the skilled more than the small SNG’s as they are $4,000 chips to start and blinds increase every 30 minutes instead of 15. There is some good money to be won here as well, they start at 7pm (5pm on Sundays) and if you have the time, don’t hesitate to sign up for one. At $100+$25 they are a good deal.

Overall, the Mirage poker room is a fun place to play. It is not the busiest room in Vegas, but it tends to see a lot of tourist action, therefore, not a bad place to play if you have some skill. It is well run and you will have a good time if you choose to play there while you are in town.

More tomorrow on some other Vegas games!

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