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Would you like a professional poker player to analyze your game? Would you want someone to look over your shoulder and see if there are any fixes that you can put to work for you quickly and profitably? Do you have specific hand combinations that you want to run by someone to see if your play gave you the greatest upside potential? This is where I can help you.

Many people don’t think they can afford a professional poker coach and that is usually correct. Most pros charge $200+ per hour and up. The reason poker coaching is expensive is that it is much more profitable for a professional player to just play poker than to coach. Fewer headaches really. Most coaches feel like “Hey, if I am going to spend my time and energy helping students, I need to get paid for my time.” But, this is where CWP is different: I LIKE to coach and I like to teach poker. And, it shows in the results of the players that get coaching through me.

Poker Coaching
Poker Coaching

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