2015 WSOP


Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m kind of excited about the 2015 WSOP. As I gear up to play the Colossus event this weekend I am quite eager to see how the Rio will handle what promises to be a World Record setting tournament that will shatter the previous number of entrants by a wide margin. I have been hearing that there are well over 10,000 players pre-registered for the event and my guess has long been that the total number of entries will probably be double that. I am expecting organized (hopefully) chaos as this many players, many of them newbies to WSOP play all try and find their seats in the various Rio poker rooms. The tournament itself should be quite interesting if nothing else, but the cash games and daily tournaments should also benefit from the huge influx of players.


It’s no secret that most of the players who come to the WSOP will end up playing cash games at the Rio either before or after they play an event or two. After busting out of a tournament a great many of these first timers will find their way into the cash games and with some of these players tilting from a bad beat or whatever, these games promise to be more juicy than ever. Obviously there will be a large number of pros and grinders playing in these games as well so it’s not like you will be sitting at a table of fish should you sit down and play cash at the Rio, but still there will be enough to go around in my estimation.

Another aspect I am curious to find out about is the amount of online poker that takes place. The actual online bracelet event is not coming up until the end of June but it should be quite interesting to find out how many players who come to play are also spending a large amount of time and a large part of their bankrolls playing online instead of live. I am sure there will be plenty of players sitting in their hotel rooms ordering room service instead of braving the crowds.

In any case, the 2015 WSOP is shaping up to be a WSOP like no other and if you are going, especially for this opening weekend, remember to get to your event/table early and be prepared to exhibit some patience! See you at the tables.

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