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Chris Wilcox Poker
Chris Wilcox Poker

I would like to give you some background on me and the road that has led me to be passionate and successful in the field of internet poker.  You may find that many of my thoughts and experiences are similar to some of your own.

I started my blog in 2008 and it has been a great adventure.  But this is how it all started…

In the mid 1990’s I started going to Las Vegas and like many other people, I went with some friends, took all the money I could afford to spend and simply showed up and started gambling.  

To make a long story short, my first couple of trips over the course of a year or two,
 I lost every penny I took with me and then some!

  I had some luck here and there, but I really had no idea what I was doing.  When you are just wandering around randomly playing one of the millions of machines in Vegas, most of the time there is nothing but dumb luck involved with winning.  

I did enjoy Vegas, and I loved the bigger casinos with the night life, the shows, the restaurants, etc.

  At that time, the internet was just getting started and there was not the plethora of books, magazines, etc. on gambling that there is today.  Information was a lot harder to come by.

  At this point, I also started to seek out information on video poker, books, etc. that taught me not only how to play, but what games to play as well.  I became very proficient at video poker and over the years have won many jackpots and paid for many Vegas trips with my play and enjoyed a tremendous amount of comps over the years at various Vegas casinos.

  Video poker then led me into playing online poker.

Obviously, I have been a huge fan of Las Vegas for a long time and video poker will always stay a part of my game, but
I became even more enamored with Texas Hold Em, No Limit in particular.  

My interest in internet Texas Hold Em began after one of my many trips to Vegas.  While at the casinos on a trip, I was walking by the poker rooms at the Mirage, etc. and my interest was piqued… what it would be like to play in a live game with everyone having their game faces on and playing against the other players vs. playing against the casino as I had always done?

  Although I was curious about playing Texas Hold Em, the last thing I wanted to do was sit down in a live game and be made to feel like an ass by other players who had been playing for years, with me knowing basically nothing about something as simple as Big Blinds and Small Blinds, let alone knowing enough about Hold’em strategy to give me a chance of winning anything.
  I had absolutely no desire to be hustled out of the room and out of all of my money.

  I also didn’t want to be chided for making the wrong moves by sharks who had been playing forever and were just waiting for a novice like me to sit down!

  Soon after this trip, Texas Hold’Em took off.  Pretty soon it was all over the casinos, as well as ESPN.  I noticed more and more people playing and I still wanted to play as well.
 but my problem was while I had an excellent general understanding of poker (3 of a kind beats 2 pair,etc) from playing video poker, I was still feeling ignorant at the idea of sitting down in a poker room.

  What to do?

Well, I decided to learn Texas Hold’em through internet poker.

  The internet seemed like a great tool with which to learn the game and where I wouldn’t have to spend a ton of money or fly all the way to Vegas to do it.  

I started playing internet poker the same way that I started gambling in Vegas, which is to say, blindly.

  I started out on Poker Stars in cash games and proceeded to lose my money in pretty short order.  After that, I really began to work on my game and analyze the way that internet poker differed from other forms of the game.  I read every Texas Hold Em book I could get my hands on.
  It took me about three years to really master the poker games that I now play and I am constantly learning still.  I have now gone from losing money in cash games to having won literally hundreds of online poker tournaments and thousands of dollars at all levels of tournament sizes… from $1 tournaments to $500. [pullquote_right] 

I have also made a considerable amount of money in cash ring games at lower levels as well as higher levels with my fastest win of $3,000 in under five minutes!  

[/pullquote_right]have placed in the money in some of the bigger tournaments on Poker Stars, Full Tilt as well as other sites with as many as 20,000 entrants in one tournament.  

In fact, when I started playing on Full Tilt I won 2 out of the first 3 tournaments I entered. Each of these were Sit-n-Go’s with 90 entrants to a tournament.

This is not bad from a guy who, a few years ago, knew next to nothing about the game and started out losing the first deposit he made!

  Also, I now have the knowledge to sit down in live games in Vegas and not only keep from making a fool of myself, but I can actually fair pretty well against the players I come up against there.

  My point is not to brag. My point is to show you that, while internet Texas Hold’em is a very complex game and totally different from the live variation that you would find in a casino, it can be mastered if you are willing to put in the time to learn the game.  Online poker has afforded poker players on of the best classrooms in the world to fine tune your play.

Online Texas Hold’Em is the game that I have become most passionate about and the game where many people have room to improve.   There is very little quality information for people searching to improve and this was the motivation for starting InternetPokerCoach.com.  Most of the Texas Hold’em strategy information out there is old, recycled information that really doesn’t take into account the many ways that the internet game differs from “live” games.  It was written by people 3-5 years ago and many times has less relevance in today’s world.

After becoming successful a successful online poker player, many of my friends and people who I came into contact with wanted me to share my knowledge with them about how to win at poker.  “Can you show me how to do this full time?”  “Can I quit my day job and play poker?”  “Can I pay you to coach me to play poker?”… These were many of the questions that now were being aske of me on a consistent basis.  I found that there was a huge desire for this information but I only had so much time to help people out.  While learning and improving on my game, I kept detailed notes of my play and situations and how the play turned out.  I decided to take this rough compilation of notes and put them into a book for people who had an interest in doing what I have done.  This is where internetpokercoach.com was formed as a way to share my book and knowledge with hungry Texas Hold’Em players on a much larger scale than just my friends and acquaintances.  If you are interested, please take a look at my book.  I look forward to meeting you some day.

Good luck at the tables~

Chris Wilcox

Chris Wilcox Poker