Bluffing at Online No Limit Texas Hold’em


Over the next week I will touch on some various aspects of bluffing during my posts. Bluffing is one of the key elements to your poker game, both online and off, but it is one that is commonly misunderstood and one that most players need help with

When I first get together with poker students I tell him one thing in regards to bluffing: STOP IT!!!

Obviously, I am kidding, but it illustrates my point very clearly that you can play poker without trying to bluff all the time. Once you are comfortable doing that you will begin to recognize the correct times and situations to bluff.

I see players that I am playing against online very often bluff the flop, bluff the turn, and bluff the river. They figure that just because they are betting, the other player(s) should fold. People, you can’t bluff someone off their hand when THEY have the goods. This is what I mean be recognizing the situation. Many players figure, well, on TV they just make a bigger bluff if the first one doesn’t work. I watch players piss away their whole chip stacks doing this very thing every time I play a game online. That guy sitting across from you is not folding his set or Aces up just because you went all in! So, get over it and learn to analyze the situation.

Reading the board is a major part of knowing when to bluff and that is something I will address in my next post. But, for right now, if you are a novice player, or even if you are not, experiment with taking the bluff out of your game, just for a SNG or two and see what happens. It will make it easier for you to realize what your opponents are doing when you are not trying to bullying them around like you saw the pro do on ESPN. I guarantee it.


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