Can’t Play Online Poker Anymore? Become a Winning Live Player!


I you are stuck in the US right now, unable to play poker online, you will most likely want to move into more live play in bricks-n-mortar casinos. This is where IPC can help. I offer a number of different custom coaching packages from live one on one to  boot camps, to over the phone and email analysis.

With the online ban being in effect, a lot of money is money to the live tables. Strengthen your game at the live tables and get in on some of it. Here is an example of what you will learn with my coaching:



You get an 8 hour day with, Chris Wilcox, Internet Poker Coach. With a 1-hour lunch break (commonly spent talking poker!) we will spend 7 intensive hours working on your poker game. Using my proven 100-Point Coaching System, you will learn everything you have ever wanted to know about poker (and things you haven’t yet thought of!) in an intimate one-on-one setting with no interference or distractions.  You will learn from topics such as:


-How to read your opponent

-Picking up tells

-Controlling your emotions

-How to build a chip stack

-Easy ways to calculate pot odds

-Playing short-stacked (and how to know when you are!)

-Playing short handed

-Changing gears in a tournament

-Playing with a big stack

-Setting traps

-Adjusting your play based on the players at your table

-How to avoid having your own tells

-Early, middle, and late tournament strategy

-Final table play

-Bubble play

-Dealing with bad beats

-Projecting a table image (and changing it!)

-How to bet each street

-Avoiding traps

-Learning to put your opponents on hands

-How to play position and when

-Adjusting to tournament structures (starting stack size, blind increments, antes)

-Mental focus

-Making moves

-Calculated aggression

-Targeting an opponent

-Bankroll management

-Table talk

-Limping In

-How to play Heads up

-How to play your Blinds

-Reading the texture of the board


How much time we spend on each topic is up to YOU. I do not teach JUST a system. I teach you how to think in ALL types of poker situations. We will go through hand examples using real chips and cards. We will play heads-up. You will have the ability to take notes on everything during our session, and even given the option to have the session digitally recorded on video so that you can go back and review all our discussion points later.



Do you want to focus on tournament play? No problem. Cash games? Fine. Maybe you would like to learn to play Omaha, Razz, Stud, or HORSE. High-low games like Omaha/8 or Stud/8. I can teach you these games and give you the basis to move forward to becoming a profitable player, no matter what poker discipline you are interested in.


Are you coming to Vegas for a WSOP event and need a tune up? Spending a day on coaching before you play your event, could net you hundreds of thousands in winnings. Why do you think golfers spend time with a swing coach tuning up for the Masters? I can quickly spot leaks in your play and add dimensions to your game that will increase your profits on the spot.




$1000 for an 8-hour day with the Internet Poker Coach. You will improve your game and you will move to your next live playing sessions, tournament or cash game, with a greater understanding and more confidence than ever before.


We will meet at 9am, either in a meeting room at one of the large Vegas casinos or at my home. At noon we will break for lunch at the restaurant of your choice. Back at 1:30 to finish out our coaching day until 5pm. At this point, if you are going to play poker anywhere in Vegas, I will accompany you and possibly play if you wish.

You will also receive my book, The No B.S. Guide to Winning Texas Holdem as well as other cool IPC swag. If you need accommodations in Vegas, IPC players get a $99/night room rate at the Mirage Hotel and Casino





No problem. Call me, Chris Wilcox Internet Poker Coach, at 406-670-6953 at any time. If I am not available, I am probably playing poker or coaching, so leave me a message and I will usually respond within a couple of hours.  There are no secrets here, you can call me with any questions both before and after you complete the program. Nearly all of my students maintain contact with me in one form or another and we talk all things poker on a regular basis. Once you have completed a program, you get access to me in the future. That’s a promise.


For any questions, concerns, or opinions,  please email Chris Wilcox at
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To purchase my 224 page ebook The No BS Guide to Winning Online No Limit Texas Holdem or live one-on-one coaching sessions with Chris Wilcox,  click this


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