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We are proud to announce that the all new Chris Wilcox Poker will formally launch Aprul 15th 2013!

Formally Internet Poker Coach, Chris Wilcox Poker is not updated to cover everything you need in the world of poker. You will be able to purchase the original No BS Guide to Winning No Limit Texas Holdem Poker at a greatly reduce price in E-book form (print version also available) and coming this summer with be The No BS Guide Vol II.

Chris Wilcox Poker Chips

Due to demand, we are also releasing what I like to call Poker Kickstarter courses that focus on specific genres and games of poker such as Omaha, Omaha/8, Razz, Horse, and Stud games. There will also be some courses focused on tournament play (including specific tournaments such as online tourneys, WSOP, Vegas games and more) as well as cash games and limit games. These will be shorter E-books designed to get you playing these games quickly and offer you some insights to each without making you slog through an entire book.

Chris Wilcox Poker will also be fleshed out with a all new Poker Forum as well as exclusive members only benefits such as weekly lessons and videos as well as some one on one instruction and Q&A with Chris Wilcox. (Free for members only) Each week I will select one member to answer 30 minutes worth of poker related questions FOR FREE.

We are pretty excited about all the changes for 2013 and since the poker world has changed and is about to change again, Chris Wilcox Poker will be your online source to get honest, NO BS answers to all your questions about poker, now and in the future. Please check back often to and see you at the tables!

Chris Wilcox
Chris Wilcox


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