Chris Wilcox Poker Coaching Taking Students Summer 2015


Starting this summer in 2015 with Chris Wilcox Poker Coaching, I will once again be dedicating a large amount of time to my  coaching. While I have never stopped teaching and have coaching select students over the past couple of years, the birth of my son and being away from Las Vegas has necessitated my cutting down on coaching as it is a time consuming occupation. With my impending move back to Las Vegas this summer, Chris Wilcox Poker Coaching  will be restructuring my coaching programs to fit both the serious player who wants in depth analysis over a period of several days, and also the weekend player who just wants to sit down for a refresher while in town.

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I plan to play more events at this year’s WSOP and will be available around the end of May in Vegas for consultations for those of you who want a quick tune up before playing an event and then in July will be introducing some new price points and programs. I will still be focusing on intense one-on-one instruction, as I think that is the best way for the serious poker player to quickly find leaks in his game and become profitable. My 100-point course will continue to be the basis for these sessions and as always, I tailor everything I do to fit the individual player and his/her game. You will not get any generic, common-place teaching from me like you do from other, run-of-the-mill poker camps. I interview everyone I teach prior to any instruction and I put together topics and instruction that benefits each player on their own level. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, I will have you playing WINNING poker after our time together.

If you have any questions, or for more info on how my coaching works,  feel free to use the contact forms on this site or email me at You can also give me a call at 406-670-6953

Good luck and see you at the tables!


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