Day 5 2015 WSOP Main Event


The Rio Hotel & Casino was pretty dead yesterday after all the constant action it has seen for the past 6-7 weeks. Even though it was Day 5 of the 2015 WSOP Main Event and there were about 7 tables of players still playing, the place felt like a ghost town with only a handful of observers kicking around the Amazon room. Of course ESPN was doing a ton of filming, mainly because there is a lot of excitement to see Daniel Negreanu’s deep run, but it was also nice to see Kelly Minkin at the featured table and it was kind of fun to get to watch without a bunch of screaming idiots on the rail.


There were a lot of people watching Pierre Neuville’s deep run as well and it was nice to see a player like that make it down to the final 27. I do have to say that I am rooting for Negreanu, much like the rest of the poker world, as he is truly a nice guy and one that not only knows how to play poker, but knows how to win graciously. I have never seen him act like as ass at the table and even though he has been around for a while now, that remains refreshing in a poker-world where every knucklehead who sits down runs around the table and screams like a banshee because they happened to suck out a hand. Negreanu is a true gentlman and if you have time to make it down to the Rio today to watch him try to make the Final table, it is probably worth going to see. Too bad Minkin didn’t make it through Day 5 as well, it would have been a treat to see her play down to the final 9 as well; she is a great player. There is always next year, I guess!



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