Donkonomics Series #1: How To Grow A Small Bankroll When You’re Not Chris Ferguson


For Full Tilt players who are under-bankrolled (and I can’t think of many who aren’t right now), it’s important to get as much out of your bankroll as you can.  I started playing micro stakes on FTP, and I’ve learned a bit about how to maximize a minimal amount of money.  Here are two things to start the series:

1.  Learn your HORSE limit games.  Why?  By learning your limit games, you protect yourself from a micro-bankroll’s worst enemy: variance.  By playing No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha, you expose yourself to a greater upside with a staggering potential for loss.  By playing Stud variants, you have less upside potential over a given period of time, but can protect your bankroll because the suck-outs won’t hurt you nearly as bad.  I am not an advocate of playing limit Hold’em simply because you will see an enormous number of ridiculous suck outs–raise your aces all you want, and that jackhole wit 7-4 offsuit will still shoot for the straight.

2.  Exploit benefit programs and promotions.  Happy hour on FTP is a perfect example of this.  If you can fit in some cash games during happy hour, you can rack up points that can be used to enter tournaments or sattelites.  Even playing micro-limit games, I have been able to rack up thousands of these useful little things to enter larger tournaments, and nothing feels quite as good as cashing in a tourney you didn’t pay to enter.

Add rakeback to the equation, and you have a sure winner.

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  1. Avoid Full Rush Poker, they will not let me withdraw the funds I won starting out with only
    freeroll money. They are crooks.

  2. Not Full Tilt, the site is Full Rush Poker a small site

    I started out playing freerolls months ago, and have built a small but reasonable bankroll on the site, adding cash games and cash tournaments as the roll increased. The site changed its tournament structure to one with 1000 chips and 5 minute levels

    A joke in my book, rewards foolish plays, and not poker. I used PIC Club to send a withdraw request, and was denied, and told by FRP I have to either give them more money, or play x # of poker points. I dont want to give them money, not to get my money back, and why should I pay more rake to get my money. Just a bunch of crap.

  3. That is bad. I just looked up their front page, and it looks like a typical upstart script-based cardroom. Not something that inspires a lot of confidence.

    You have to imagine that at some point, poker is much less the aim of an online gaming site than banking is.

    Like step one. The rake isn’t where the money is made–it’s how the rake is day-traded. No wonder they’d hesitate to pay you–the funds are somewhere else.

  4. Jeff,
    Did you by any chance take advantage of some sort of sign up bonus that requires your to play a certain amount before you can withdraw it? Just a wild guess, but some of these sites will give you free bonus money and then not let you pull it out until a certain point. You might look into that.
    That being said, my advice would be to stay away from these small unknown sites, you are just asking for trouble and you never know if they are going to be there from one day to the next. PokerStars, Full Tilt, BoDog, Ultimate Bet, sites like that have been around and continue to be around so that if you have something go wrong it is much more likely to be fixed


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