Expanding You Poker Vocabulary from NL Texas Hold em


I have written several posts in the past about getting away from playing strictly No Limit Texas Holdem. More and more, whether it is PokerStars, Full Tilt, BoDog, etc, you will find more cash game variants and definitely more tournaments in HORSE, RAZZ, Stud, Stud h/l, Omaha, and Omaha h/l. Becoming proficient in these games opens up some new doors to making money and increasing your poker bankroll.

One of the reasons that I find it profitable to play games such as HORSE, is many times the other players playing them are basically NL Hold em players.  Most NL players have a hard time in Limit games and you can really take advantage of this in situations like HORSE or Omaha where you are almost always playing Fixed Limit or Pot Limit. Without that “all-in” play, many online poker players are at a loss for proper strategy. You will see them continue to bet A-K all the way to the River when it is obvious another player has a pair of something and has them beat, simply because they are used to playing in that aggressive fashion, rather than slowing down. They cannot push you out of the pot by making the big bets they are used to, therefore, they have no strategy after the flop.

Another thing you will see, especially in Omaha, is player way over-valuing their hands. Hitting a pair of Aces on the Flop just does not mean a whole lot in a  game like Omaha, but you will find many players who think it is worth betting their whole chip stack on such an occurrence. Take advantage of these types and bang them over the head with you set, flush, or full house hands.

Omaha h/l is a great game because most players play way too many hands. You will get into trouble quickly in Omaha h/l if you are an action junkie who likes to be in every pot. Watch for these guys, they are easy to trap. The same players will also get very excited about A-2. Many times they will bet to the River and end up losing huge pots hoping for a Low hand that never comes. You only want to play hands where you have a chance to win both pots, and if you are risking alot of chips for ONLY the low, you have a great strategy to lose a lot of chips quickly!

Remember, start playing these games at low levels until you learn the nuances of them. Ease into $5.50 tournaments to gain some experience before you enter into the higher dollar tourneys or bigger cash games. There is money to be made, just expand your poker horizons.

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