Federal Online Poker Bill A Likely Possibility


New York Representative Peter King is expected to introduce a federal online gaming bill in the very near future.



Among other things, it will legalize online poker and also have a provision for state lotteries. While the Reid-Kyle bill address the issue failed to pass in 2012, this bill is much more likely tomove ahead quickly with Nevada actually dealing cards on the virtual felt and New Jersey and Delaware trying to follow suit as soon as possible. With other states ramping up efforts to get online poker going, this bill is probably going to receive more attention and have a greater chance at passing simply to avoid the hodge-podge of laws that will be on the books once each individual state puts their own legislation in place. Plus with Nevada already showing how easily it can be done there is no reason not to go ahead and pass a bill such as this federally.

The Reid proposal from last year was criticized for being to pro-Nevada, but nevertheless Reid has entertained thoughts of putting a new bill into play this year. It is unknown if he will follow through with that effort if Peter King’s bill takes hold and gains momentum. Reid is retiring from the Senate this year.

Expect bills like this to roll along quickly now the Nevada has stepped to the forefront and with other states frantically trying to follow suit. Of course,  states like Utah will not have an online poker bill and it remains unclear whether the internet even exists in Utah to play online poker anyway!

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