Finding the Right Poker Game is the…


Finding the Right Poker Game is the Path to Making Money

How do you find a profitable poker game? Many websites would tell you to look for ‘loose’ players. Some even rate sites by how many ‘fish’ play there or they tell you that such and such a site has really ‘loose games’ In my opinion, finding the game that is right for YOU is more important than endless analysis of who else is playing on the site or at that table. Finding which game suits your personal style and tendencies is what will really make you profitable. The way you play and your natural tendencies is much more important than what some poker program views are a good game.

For example, a very aggressive style player in a No Limit Hold’em game will probably feel much more at home in a 6-handed game rather than a 9-handed game. You are going to see a lot more hands 6-handed and because there are less players, you can play a wider range of hands much more aggressively. By contrast, if you are very tight and like to wait for premium hands, you want to stay out of 6-handed games and play 9-handed for sure. The blinds coming around 1/3 of the time more often will eat into your profits in a 6-handed game much faster.

Some players feel more at home playing Limit Hold’em for a larger blind amount than they do playing No Limit Hold’em at small blind levels. For these players, knowing that they are only risking a certain amount rather than possibly having to put their entire chip stack into play is important. Whatever gives you a feeling of confidence will help you play better.

I have seen players who have a great instinct for Razz or Omaha h/l but struggle with Stud. An oddity of the poker world online, is that Stud h/l (or Stud/8) games get many more players than just regular Stud. The split pots make some players feel like they have more of a chance.

Poker is a game of confidence. The better YOU feel about your chances in a certain game, the better your chances of making money at it. Just because another player tells you ‘play 180-player SnG’s on PokerStars’ does not mean that is the game for you. A good poker coach will also help you recognize the tendencies in your own game so that you can play to your strengths. Believe me, a pitching coach in the major leagues does not take a pitcher who throws a knuckle ball and try and turn him into a 98-mph flame thrower. Instead, he recognizes what that player excels at and hones his strengths. The same goes for poker.


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