Full Tilt Poker Bounced Checks Update


This morning’s post is just a short update on my recent troubles with Full Tilt Poker and my cash-out checks bouncing.

After 2 days, I finally heard back from Full Tilt. They apologized for the problem, told me they were aware of an ‘issue’ with their third party processor and would get the money back into my FT account and also deposit a ‘goodwill’ gesture to make up for my troubles and any bank fees that may have occurred. I have no clue as to when this may take place, and Full Tilt told me they would contact me once they had deposited the money back into my account.

What remains to be seen is how long this will take, what their ‘gesture’ will be, and how to get my money back out of Full Tilt once it is back in there! I have heard that bank wire transfers are still working properly, but will have to give it a shot in order to know for sure. Annoyingly, my bank will charge for a wire transfer but I would rather pay a $20 charge than not have my money at all which is currently where I am at.

The thing that really irks me through this process is that if Full Tilt would have simply stated that they were having problems with checks in the first place, I would not have wasted the last 6 weeks waiting for one and then having them bounce once they showed up. Everyone who plays online poker understands the trouble with the sites and banks. Why not have a little bit of honesty with your players to avoid these kinds of problems?

I will be updating this more as the process moves along. Stay tuned.

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