Full Tilt Poker Cashout Checks Bounce


This is an urgent post for any Full Tilt Poker players who have been thinking of cashing out. My last 2 cashout checks from Full Tilt have bounced. Not only that, it took me over a month to get them (they were issued 10/8/10 and arrived at my door on 11/7/10???? Thats some slow mail!) When they did finally arrive I deposited them and the account they had been drafter on has been closed, so my bank returned them.

Through this process, I was told by Full Tilt that there was an ‘issue with their 3rd party processor’ and customers were experiencing slight delays. That accounts for the delay, but not for the account being closed. I have not had the situation rectified by Full Tilt Poker as of this writing, but they did email me back after about 48 hours telling me they were sorry for the trouble and the funds would be replaced in my account ‘soon’

Big deal. I wanted the money, that’s why I cashed out!

I have been cashing out on Full Tilt for years and have gotten numerous checks and also done wire transfers with no problems at all. However, this is too much. As of not, Internet Poker Coach will no longer be playing poker on Full Tilt and I will take all my business to PokerStars. This is inexcusable.

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  1. I have had the same dilema. Similar time frame….I cashed on 10/5 and 5 weeks later I received my bogus checks that bounced…Havent heard back from full tilt yet


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