Full Tilt Poker Cashout Problems


Well, to end the week’s posts on Full Tilt’s cashout hassles, it looks like bank wire transfers are the way to go. From the feedback I have been getting, these are working at least for now. My advice to anyone playing poker on Full Tilt is to get out and get out now. Do not try to cash out with the check option if they even still offer it. Use the premium bank wire service and move over to PokerStars or Ultimate Bet until Full Tilt gets whatever problems they have corrected. The most important thing about a poker site is the way they handle your money. If you can’t depend on being able to get your money out of them, then you might as well play Farmville on Facebook.

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  1. You are 100% right, get out of FTP as soon as you can. I would suggest never going back, even if they fix their issues they have been deceptive and dishonest in their conduct and are disgraceful. I will NEVER use them again, EVER.


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