Full Tilt Poker Rigged??


Lately it has come to my attention through my own experiences and the numerous threads and postings out there on the internet, that online poker is rigged. Full Tilt poker is rigged. Even though I am a profitable player on Full Tilt they have obviously rigged the game against me and here is why.

I played 2 Knockout tournaments on Full Tilt last night and while I had a number of knockouts and made some money back, I finished in 14th and 16th places out of 90 players, or just short of the money(top 9 get paid). I believe it is because Full Tilt is rigged against me. They obviously wanted me to lose right before I made the money. Yes, folks, Full Tilt has singled me out to lose for their own nefarious purposes of taking my rake and making more money. Sure, I make money on FT, but really I should be far richer than I am. Out of the hundreds of thousands of players they have on the site every day, I cannot believe my luck that they have targeted me to lose! Unreal!

Plus uncovering the shady, rigging of Full Tilt Poker has made me look at the rest of my life as well and I think IT is rigged! Check out these facts: I had a bad year in business last year. Some vandals just broke a bunch of windows on my building. My wife lost her job and has had a hard time finding another one. The mortgage company has not restructured my mortgage for me. I have had a couple of health problems, was sick for 3-4 days a few months ago and my hair is not as thick as it used to be! Taxes have gone up and there has been so much snow in my driveway that I can’t drive up and down it some days!

So, I am calling upon the online poker community to band together, stand up and unite and un-mask the charlatans at Full Tilt who are rigging this thing called online poker. Let’s tear down the system and make it better for everyone. Then, when we get done with that we can go find the bastards that are rigging the rest of my life and start on them!

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  1. All poker sites are rigged, they have these supercomputers that pick the winners before they even register for the tournament.

    Is online poker, real poker, no, but rigged, the only cheats are the people that try to collude.
    The sites make their money and dont care who wins the pot. Next time you thing you are being cheated
    look at the kind of hands you are playing, and betting, if you dont drive the donkeys out, they will suck out on you. AA is only good 30% of the time against 4 opponents, how many times in a tourney have you (that is you that think it is rigged) let 4 players in against your aces, YOU WILL GET BEAT MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, and that is your fault. Sure there are idiots that bet all in on two suited cards and a draw, welcome them, you will clean their clock, but remember, one time in 5 they will suck out.

  2. God love you, Jeff. All it takes is a posting something about online poker being rigged and it bring out people that can’t even spell satirical. Thanks much!

  3. In all seriousness, I think a major component of what Chris is trying to say here is that a donkey is normally moronic to the core– stupid enough to play any ace. Raises don’t mean a damned thing to an idiot playing A 4, so when you raise with A K and get a call from that asswipe and the flop comes down A 4 9, you’re playing your good decision against a very, very bad one. You can’t fix stupid, so you have to learn how to spot and then deal with these morons.

    Do I think someone is pre-ordained to win a tournament?

    That’s preposterous. If I play you heads-up, and if you fold your hands, I’ll beat you. If I bluff you once or twice and you fold, you will lose even if FTP put a crown on your head.

  4. Wakey wakey, corn flakies. The reason 8-3 always holds for the big stack, and trip jacks always get run out of a tourney are plain for all to see. The reason A4 sucksout all day and AA gets cracked all day are plain for all to see. The reason every AK you raise gets pummeled but every A7 you call flops trips is plain for all to see. The reason the big donkey can dump A8 from first position and not be kicked, while you wait for AQ on the button and someone holds AK, are plain for all to see.

    Wakey wakey corn flakies.

  5. What’s a ‘wakey’ corn flake? Is that like a ‘wacky’ corn flake except a ‘wakey’ one keeps you awake? I may have to look into this. Apparently Full Tilt is rigging corn flakes as well.

  6. Actually, Rick, it appears the conspiracy runs deeper than I thought. Not only is Full Tilt AND my life being rigged, there has been some spill-over into corn flakes as well. I think rather than worry about playing better poker, we should investigate these corn flakes, as they are obviously the root of the problem.

  7. You see, with every conspiracy theory, the people who shoot it down use sarcastic to ridicule and mock the ‘conspiracy nutters’, and that is all they use. They never come back with actual fruitful discussion that helps matters, their sole aim is to make out the guy who thinks online poker is rigged is a ‘donk’ or ‘retard’ etc.

    Anyone with HEM can easily prove that FTP is rigged once they have a 100,000+ sample size.

    – Filter for raised pre flop

    – Filter for flopped two pair, trips or a set. (both hole cards used)

    – Filter for hands that went to showdown and lost.

    Study the hands you lose and what you will find is that a ridiculously high % of loose players will FLOP DRAWS when the PFR FLOPS WELL. This is no coincidence, it is built into the software to generate action as the fish will chase his draw.

    The actual draw itself doesn’t hit more than it should do, it is the fish flopping the DRAW alone when hero flops two pair+, it happens just way too much.

    I’ve actually played profitable samples on FTP LIMP CALLING ANY TWO SUITED CARDS and won money (this would be a losing strategy anywhere else). Basically, draws have increased implied odds than in real life because when you chase a draw on FTP the pre flop raiser will have flopped a showdown hand.

    From HEM and my sample, I chased all draws and when I hit it on the turn or river vs the PFR, I got a showdown 84% of the time!!! So that means 84% of the time I chased a draw and hit, my opponent just happened to hold a good showdown hand…now anyone with an ounce of intelligence will be able to tell this is impossible in real life, people raise pre flop with AK and miss, people raise pre flop with 77 and miss their set, they don’t go to showdown 84% of the time. It is actually comical stuff when you dig into some stats on HEM.

    Any serious poker player who stays at FTP is crazy. I played there almost 8 months, never had a winning month unless I added RB to results, kept putting it down to ‘variance’ and trying to turn it around. I eventually saw the light. Now I’m a +7bb/100 winner at NL50, I play semi pro, I know how to play and make a profit. Just at another site!

    Another blatant thing as well, go to PTR and look up some of the low stakes best winners for the month (NL25 and NL50). So you’ll see some huge multi-tablers logging 100,000-150,000 hands in a month, winning at a very nice rate, note their names and then check their progress the following month. Ah, but you won’t be able to because this player will no longer be playing. These players who are picking up $3,000-$5,000 in a single month will just dissapear. They’ll show up, crush the games for a month, take a lot of money out of the games and vanish. These players are not human, they are house bots. They just change the names every now and then so people don’t ask questions, such as how X player can 16 table at +8bb/100 month in and month out- EVERY month without fail there will be 1-2 of these players at each stake- where do they go, why would a player winning so much just quit and never play again? VERY dodgy IMO.

    But anyway, people are free to play the site if they wish, I just like to share my thoughts online from time to time 😉

  8. First of all, what site do you play at that you are profitable? Second of all, if FT is rigged, how do you account for the thousands of players who are very profitable playing FT? How do I know?
    I am one of them and I can also look up dozens and dozens of players on Sharkscope while I am playing any given larger tournaments and see that many of them are extremely profitable. In the $10’s to $100’s of thousands of dollars profitable. How do you explain that? Is Sharkscope rigged? Is FT rigged only against some players?
    Are they all bots? Sorry, the name changing thing doesn’t get it there, look up the winners of the last FTOPS events and you will see players with hundreds to thousands of games under their belts on FT. So, that doesn’t sound to me like they are changing their names and vanishing.
    You can accuse me of being a smart ass, because I am one, but these are facts. You can look them up on Sharkscope in about 30 seconds. Curious as to what you have to say? Keep in mind I am not talking about cash games, but tournaments.

  9. Well my experience is solely cash games, I have never played a tournament on FTP.

    All I’m posting is what anyone with a decent sample and HEM can look at themselves, loose players flop too many draws when the PFR flops two pair+.

    The fact that I got paid on 84% of my flush draws when I hit a flush on the turn or river vs the PFR just went to confirm it for me when I ran a trial.

    I played a style of even folding AA/KK pre flop, I solely stuck to limp calling ANY TWO SUITED CARDS, played them passively and came out with like 1bb/100 over 37,000 hands. I’ve got it in my database! Given my game is a solid, aggressive, positionally based, multi level thinking style and I could never log a winning month (even at NL5!!!!!), it is just insane.

    I win at NL50 on Cake, PS, Pacific, Ladbrokes, Unibet, Everest, Betfair yet I can’t beat NL5 on FTP.

    I know winning players on FTP. A poker friend of mine gets annoyed when I say it is rigged because he is an NL50 reg himself, however, he is currently on a 4 month losing streak. We all know losing runs occur but he is a an extremely solid player, there is no way a player of his ability would go on a 4 month long losing/break even stretch. But he is stubborn and continues to trust FTP.

    But I know far more players who can make a very nice side income from online poker who just cannot win at FTP. They just cannot win. As I say, anyone with a good sample of hands and HEM can see it.

    Even filter for-

    -Raised pre flop

    – went to showdown.

    Now just look at all showdown hands. You rarely see a hand where the turn and river didn’t act in a manner to encourage the action.

    Where are the hands where hero flops a set of 7’s on 7A9, villain calls down with AQ with brick turns and rivers? It never happens like that like it does elsewhere. Either villain turns two pair, turns a flush draw etc, always something to encourage another street of action.

    Nothing about FTP is random.

    If you disagree that is fine but all you need to do is look at a HEM cash game database with those filters and you’ll see how the games are manipulated.

    I’ve got well over 500,000 hands over experience of microstakes games up to NL50. At the lowest levels, say NL4/5, my win rate at Betfair is +18bb/100, same at Cake and PS. My win rate over a similar sample size on FTP at NL5 is like -3bb/100.

    You see I used to trust this site, I left, put $400 on Cake, ran it up to $3,500 playing NL20. Decided I’d go back to FTP because I actually liked the site despite my results. Great graphics, nice multitanling features etc plus you can use a HUD. So I put $1,000 on to play NL25 and within the month I’d dropped $700. I left again and went to Pacific, ran $300 deposit into $1,400, cashed out and went back to FTP, same thing again.

    That was when I looked closer at my HEM showdown stats.

    My win rate when the PFR flopping TWO PAIR+ IS 1,300BB/100+ AT 9 OTHER SITES. A COUPLE OF HUNDRED BB/100 EITHER WAY, BUT AVERAGE OF 1,300BB/100. ON FTP IT IS LITERALLY CUT IN HALF AT 650BB/100. When you go look at showdown results it is just mind blowing how people don’t see it.

  10. More info, odds. If you think we’re just a couple of smart asses, Think again. It’s about raking greater profits. What’s the site, and why do you think it’s more fair?

  11. I don’t really want to discuss much more, these debates always turn into heated arguments which in all honesty tilt the hell out of me 😀

    I’ve posted my thoughts, just solely for players to take the time to look at their databases with the filters I have offered.

    People can then make up their own minds about if what they see is random or not.

    There is no point discussing between me, you and Chris because we disagree and we will continue to disagree so it is a futile task 😉

    People are free to check the filters and then ask their own questions and make their own interprepations.

  12. Hello, just want to add something. A friend of mine has a 120 000+ hands from Full Tilt and the stats show that he has lost 60% of the time he was all-in favourite. Analize this:) And it’s not just him. I hope one day all the people responsible for this will get what they deserve… I’m sure that there is something that let’s say the US government can do about it – investigation of some kind. They will find a lot of things going on there… Random generator my ass… Money generator maybe…

  13. Odds, I’m not trying to heat up a debate; I don’t necessarily disagree with you, and your information has been helpful and insightful. Do you know of other HEM-like programs that are available for Mac?

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

  14. You’d have to check on google Rick, I’m not sure if HEM is mac compatible.

    Georgi, anyone who is claiming that they are losing 60% of hands all in as the favourite are lying.

    All in EV will even out (give or take a bit) after 120,000 hands. FTP’s sofware developers aren’t soft, it isn’t the bad beats that are the problem, it is the fact that the turn and river will almost always act in a way to juice up the pot, be it giving someone two pair, someone a draw or extra outs etc, always something to encourage one more round of betting. Hands like 3 way action, two players flop a set, 3rd player turns an unlikely gut shot straight…= 3 way all in…etc.

    That said, I have found different equity ranges hold up better than others. 60-69% favourite hands all in on the flop vs draws will lose at 60%, I’ve checked multiple databases and this comes up time and time again.

    Anyone with HEM can verify this.

    But overall, all in EV will even out, I found I tended to win more ‘coin’ flip hands to balance things out- such as 3 betting AA, villain calls with some dominated rag T9o and the flop is 789- you’ll win those spots much more often than you should, which acts to even out the overall all in EV.

  15. I am still waiting to hear how FT is rigged only against some players. What Odds, your Bulgarian stats may be be nice, but if you want to have an intelligent debate, answer my questions instead of popping off with meaningless stats.
    Again: How are some players so profitable on FT, including myself and recent winners of the FTOPS? All you have to do is take 20 seconds and plug their screen names into Sharkscope to see this. Most of them are vaild, long term players with a high ROI and a lot of profit.
    Is sharkscope rigged too? Are just the cash games then rigged? Is FT rigging the game only against certain players? If so, why would they choose to rig it against you and let others be profitable.?
    Let me tell you something about poker, What odds. A good player adapts. The notion that if I play a good game in a casino, I will be successful in an online poker game is laughable. The 2 games are entirely different. Poker is about adapting your game to the given situation that you find yourself in whether it is a loose table, tight table, tournament, deep stack, turbo, super turbo, etc. Just because you cannot adapt your game to become profitable on FT does not mean it is rigged. It means you cannot win at it, which is why you are posting. I don’t like the bad beats I see either, but I have learned to adapt my play to make a profit on FT. So have many others.
    And I will tell you something else: I have seen the same bad beats in live casinos over and over and over. Anybody that says different has not played enough tournament poker live. Watch Joe Cada’s run through the final 2 tables in the 2010 WSOP if you want proof. He sucked out so many hands, it must have been rigged!
    I busted out of a tournament at Ceasar’s last time I played there when my A-K was called down with A-J and he hit a J on the River, and I busted a guy with my pocket 9’s when he had Aces and I flopped a 9 to put him out. It happens. I was busted at a tournament at the Wynn when a guy called my huge raise with 2-4s and then went all in when he flopped a flush and I flopped 2 pair. It happens live as well as online.
    If you really feel like you have some kind of valid point, answer these questions instead of putting up graphs.

  16. Chris, when did I post stats?

    That was Georgi.

    Anyway, as I said, I’ve posted the filters as to why I lose. As also mentioned, I play cash games, not tournaments.

    As also mentioned, I’m not willing to get into arguments with people, I’ve posted my HEM filters for any cash game player to check.

    9 sites all converge within 100bb/100 for the filter and on FTP it drops by over half as the PFR who flops well. I can’t really offer any more than that my friend.

    ‘Again: How are some players so profitable on FT?’ I honestly don’t know, I don’t program the software to decide who wins and who loses, if that is even the case, which I would argue it is not.

    The players who beat the cash games on FTP who I personally know don’t play TAG, they play LAG, they push fold equity and win from non showdown winnings. Players who play solid postional TAG and mostly make money from showdown winnings lose on FTP because there is a huge bias towards callers flopping too many draws vs the PFR.

    ‘Let me tell you something about poker, What odds. A good player adapts’ I know this. I can play FTP profitably, I can confidently grind out 1bb/100 cimply playing any two suited cards like a complete fish, I’ve posted why and I have the stats and hand histories to prove it. Draws have increased implied odds on FTP.

    But I’m not posting again, as referenced in my last post, I don’t want to convince people who already have their opinion, I’m just hoping to help those players who doubt the RNG at FTP, encourage them to try another site and see how they get on. I’m offering filters for them to check their own data and MAKE THEIR OWN MINDS UP.

    Me and you arguing is pointless because we both have our own stubborn views and neither of us will conceede because we both believe we are correct. I just want people to USE THE FILTERS I PROVIDE AND POST RESULTS, MAKE UP THEIR OWN ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSIONS BASED ON THE EVIDENCE.

  17. I see. You are not willing to get in an argument with me, yet you continue to argue.You are not posting anymore, yet you post more. You have no idea how other players are profitable, yet Full Tilt is rigged and you could play there and make money, but you don’t, you choose to post ‘filters’ because that means something and post comments and argue with anyone who says FT is NOT rigged? By the way you have never played a tournament or answered any of my questions with any kind of lucid response.
    Oh, now I get it. You are a really intelligent guy and I am an idiot who could not see your point. Good for you for trying ‘help’ and educate the masses. Your place in heaven is assured. You don’t want to convince anyone because you have no evidence that anyone with a brain would believe. You can’t win at FT and it obviously rankles you, so it MUST be rigged. Get a life, What odds.

  18. Chris, just tell me, do you think the stats that I posted are normal? Because I can ask a couple of guys to post their 1mln+ hands stats from Full Tilt Poker and then you will have to jump from the window… I will tell you why some guys make money from this rigged site – they play bad poker. And the site tolerates the stupid all-ins, tolerates the 30 to 70 underdogs and so on. A good player will never wait for a gutshots and that is why he will never win at Full Tilt Poker… Just check again the graphs… The guy was supposed to win 30 000$ from his all-ins, but he has won only 10 000$. And that is from 120 000 hands… Keep playing…

  19. Just read my first post people.

    -‘You see, with every conspiracy theory, the people who shoot it down use sarcastic to ridicule and mock the ‘conspiracy nutters’, and that is all they use. They never come back with actual fruitful discussion that helps matters, their sole aim is to make out the guy who thinks online poker is rigged is a ‘donk’ or ‘retard’ etc.’

    I’d say Chris’ last post fits the bill.

    My filters are SOLID proof that the cash games are rigged for anyone with a 100,000+ sample.

    And I did answer your questions if you read my post, I answered why some players win and others lose. LAG’s and TAG’s play different styles. Non showdown winners win at FTP, showdown players (TAG’s) will lose because their returns from big hands will be half they are at any other site.

    As already mentioned 3 times now, CHECK the filters, see it for yourself, that is the whole point of my post. I don’t need to prove anything, I’ve posted the filters that people can use to see for themselves that the games are rigged.

    I can’t really be anymore reasonable.

    If Chris continues his personal attacking approach I’ll just stop posting, because posts like his are just extremely tilting.


  20. I don’t know if Full Tilt is rigged or I have just been extremely unlucky at that site. What I do know is that PokerTracker3 shows that I have nearly identical playing metrics at PokerStars and Full Tilt. Except that I am winning 2.13 BB per 100 hands at PokerStars and losing 0.33 BB per hundred at Full Tilt. Since, the situation appears to be worsening at Full Tilt, I have come to the conclusion that closing my Full Tilt account is the only reasonable action to take.

  21. Brian, I’d be very interested if you could look at a few of my filters and post some thoughts on what you notice.

    What stakes are you playing as if it is NL10 this will be normal as the rake is 6.66% instead of PS’ 5% at NL10. Makes a massive difference to long term results.

  22. The statistics quoted are strictly from low limit cash games. I tried your flopping trips and two pairs filter. Flopping either hand was profitable after a pre-flop raise. These hands won at showdown 67.7% on PS and 70.8% on FT. I have come to realize that more draws will make at FT and more bad beats occur at PS in limit ring games due to the extra player seated. I have come to understand that in loose low limit play, having two opponents at showdown, each with less than 20% equity, means that I will lose about one third of the time. It seems like more, because they fold their losers and my hand is too big to fold for one more bet when I lose.

    I have started to experiment with no limit tournaments and sit-n-gos. It is extremely discouraging to get keep getting bounced out by being all-in with a better than 85% chance of winning the hand at the turn according to PokerStove, then watching the miracle card hit my opponent. It almost seems like I am getting punished for making good reads. However, if one sees 5 showdowns as an 80% favorite, it means that statistically one of those showdowns will be lost. Given my experience with low limit cash games, I would be very reluctant to trust FT in a no limit cash game.

    Have you read their EULA? Basically, the player has no rights or legal recourse at all. They have been sued for allegedly using bots and supposedly rigging the games in their pros favor. I am not sure of the outcome, but doubt if anything will come of it. The suit may have been dismissed already.

  23. Limit games are going to be different I guess, can’t really compare NL stats with LHE.

    However, regards flopping two pair or better, just look at the hand histories and report back how often the turn or river acted in a way to either change the leader in the hand or actually acted to encourage further action.

    From my database, it is just full of you flop set, villain has top pair, villain will then turn a flush draw to go with his top pair to entice just that little bit more action etc.

    What you will see is that the turn and river hardly EVER brick on FTP, they almost exclusively act in a way to cooler someone or encourage action, such as picking up extra outs etc.

    In fact the only time the cards ever brick is when a player is overplaying an overpair or TPTK. Other than that, very hard to find examples.

  24. I need to clean something up here. I was upset when making my original posting. The statistics are accurate. The most likely explanation for the discrepancy in results at Full Tilt is that I have not played well enough to win at Full Tilt. I have played 3x as many hands there. About a third of that number was when I was first starting out with internet poker. My game has improved since then. More recently I have been lured into trying to qualify for Iron Man Bonuses, which resulted in me playing longer sessions and more frequently. It does not take much to blow off 2.5 BB per hundred in a session. Failing to get away from a losing draw, paying multiple bets because one cannot conceive that his opponent would actually call and UTG raise and subsequent reraise with 32 offsuit (this actually happened in a recent session!), then making an ill advised steal attempt and catching two pair, but losing to trips all result in lost big bets. At this point, I have become so frustrated at Full Tilt, that I am waiting for something bad to happen, playing defensively at times, and going on tilt all too often. The best solution is to simply not play there for now, and perhaps, not at all. The good news is that I have also discovered a major leak in my game. Fixing it will improve my results everywhere.

    What I do know from playing hundreds of no limit tournaments on Wilson Turbo Tournament and Poker Academy and some sit-n-gos and MTTs at PS and FT is that bad beats happen. One needs a certain amount of luck to win. I have seen some really crazy plays and suck outs in online no limit, but the reality is that in the most unfavorable match up AA vs 32o, is 87.2% vs. 12.7%. The Aces can be drawing almost completely dead after the flop and have a very hard time getting away from the hand.

    what odds, if some of these folks are playing nl cash games as crazily as I have seen in limit, sng’s, and MTTs, then I can appreciate your frustration. "Old time high players will tell you that the most feared man alive in a no-limit game was a Texan named Everett Goolsby…..he was apt to play in raised pots with just about any two cards imaginable and was capable of decimating any game in record time. The closest resemblance to Goolsby-type play that you will see on modern television is Gus Hansen." (from "The Education of a Poker Pigeon" by Anonymous)

  25. Thank you what odds for finally confirming my suspicions. Ive been a casual full tilt player for about 3 years now. Ive gotten progressively better, yet lose more here than when I first started. I thought it was variance and learning curve but after reading your post I know that my observations have been correct. Keep in mind this is not HEM or stats it is only me playing 100’000s of hands and noticing that the action is juiced. That is the only correct term. Juiced meaning cards are produced to make ANY player put more money in no matter what they’re skill is. The bottom line is more action, more loser who think they should win putting more money onto the site, and more winners losing eventually and then getting sucked in because they won early. Bottom line is I’m leaving FTP, dont care about arguments, or Chris, or Rick, this thread alone has been enough to make me give up FTP.

    Ill try cake.

  26. ROFLMAO…really??? an online poker coach mocking people who think online poker is rigged??? How odd that someone trying to make money from a scam would defend it…well I’m convinced. I’m going to deposit my grand daughter’s entire college fund into an online site and play high stakes right away. Then a little later I’m going to invest in some stocks Bernie Maddoff told me about. Then what ever money I have left will go straight to the next televangelist I see

    • It’s nice that it only took you 2 years to hone your rapier-like wit, since that post you are referring to was written 2 years ago! LOL
      In any case, if you had any inkling as to what is going on, you would know that online poker has not existed for months in the US anyway, therefore, debating with you, or ‘convincing’ you of anything would be a moot point and a waste of time. Much like your comment.

  27. Hi Chris I’m sorry to hear about the way things have been going for you in your life and I hope things get better for you in the
    near future. Anyway about full tilt poker and a little about my self I have been playing on line poker for about 5 years now since I left full tilt poker when it shut down 16 mouths ago, I have been playing at other smaller euro sites where I have done pretty well, I mean I have been in pure profit all year long and had a number of cash outs that I am very happy with. Any way full tilt has just opened and I’ve been back there playing thinking I will just test it out see if I can profit and I have profited a little but I’m getting the weirdest beats the first 2 days when Ok. I was running good placed 15th out of 8600 in one of the deal me in freerolls but now when I’m playing a tourney or SnG seem it don’t matter how much I fold I never get a hand! when I’m short looking for any pare or 2 cards above ten it just never comes and I end up getting so low that it don’t matter when I do go all in I get called by some crappy hand a bigger stack and they suck out every time this has happened over and over again! this is not normal I dont get this where I normaly play. I sit there and watch all the short stack getting beat over and over a again, by the bigger stacks when it happens to me I just know it coming its like there is just no way I can win, It does not happen every hand but a bout 85% of the time its pure madness, the cash game is what I’m best at I sat down on few tables to day and I was delt pockets JJs 3 time one after the other, and the amount of small pocket pares I was getting was just so unreal! after playing on a legit site all year I know now there is something very wrong with this site. and I think its time to just cash out and call it a day with full tilt poker cause its no fun to play and I think I can not win no matter how hard I grind at it.


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