More On Full Tilt Repayment to US Online Players


If you haven’t heard by now, you can file your petition for remission with the Full Tilt Poker Claims Administration here:


It’s a fairly short form that you need to fill out and you will need to enter in the email address for your old Full Tilt Poker account. You will then get the amount

that the claims administration has determined you are owed. If you don’t agree with this amount, you can dispute it and they ask you to upload documents that support your claim.

Obviously, this is a total joke and you are at the mercy of this little DOJ approved company for your refund. I can’t imagine any documentation a poker player would have to prove

what was in their Full Tilt Poker account when FT was shut down? Nor can I imagine what sort of documentation would be acceptable to the Garden City Group.

The other thing that is troubling about this process is that no mention has been made of how Tournament dollars or FTP’s are going to be treated during this refund process. Both had obvious

monetary value, but no mention has been made if these are figured in to the determination of how much each player is owed. I guess after 2 years its kind of a ‘take what you can get’ sort of thing

as far as the amount of your refund, but the whole thing stinks to me.  Maybe they figure that after this long, FTP players from the US should accept any little scrap they can get, but there is a ton of money that PokerStars

paid for this settlement when they bought Full Tilt that has just been sitting there while this Garden City Group (which was picked by the DOJ, so it might as well be a government entity for all we know) screws around with millions

of dollars, perhaps paying it back to players in some nebulous fashion. Doesn’t seem quite right to me. I think there needs to be a little transparency to this process.

Chris Wilcox Poker



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