Full Tilt Sit N Go


For your consideration, here is a hand that I played the other night fairly early on in a Full Tilt Sit n Go. You be the judge as to whether or not I misplayed the hand.

About 20 minutes into the tournament, I was on the button with 8c-6c. I had improved my stack a bit from $3000 to about $4200 in chips. 2 players limped in ahead of me and I raised 3x the Big Blind which was only $150. The Small Blind called, the Big Blind folded and both players in early position made the call. Not quite what I expected, but, oh well.

The Flop came 2d-6h-8d.

I am not real thrilled with the diamonds on the board with this many players still in the hand, but I am pretty pleased with my 2 pair. I decide to push a bit and not give anyone with a diamond draw too good of odds, so I make a pot sized bet of $650. I have to figure someone is holding over cards and maybe they will end up calling me, in which case I am in pretty good shape. Against something like Big Slick (A-K) I would be a huge (90%+) favorite here and no one would be likely to suspect that I paired up both cards.

Everyone folds to my bet except one of the early players who raises me! Unless he has pocket 2’s, 6’s, or 8’s, which I cant believe is likely, he probably has over cards or is on a flush draw. Even if he has 2 hearts, I am at least a 3:2 favorite. Rather than give me more opportunities to look at cheap cards, I go all in figuring to end it right here.

He calls and flips over Q-8 off suit! Wow! I have no idea why he would be playing these cards. This is about the last hand I would have put him on, and I am a better than 4:1 favorite at this point. He is going to have to draw a Q to win the hand, nothing else will do.

The Turn is a Qs and the River a Qc. My chip stack is crippled (but I am not out) down to $315.

Just a bad beat? Probably. There is not much that you can do if you happen to run into someone playing stupid cards like Q-8 off suit when he happens to luck out. However, should I have been playing 6c-8c? I would say “yes” especially in that position. I was on the button, in the drivers seat for that hand, and I made a pre-flop raise to try and weed out the limpers. Obviously it didn’t work, but sometimes, that is just poker.

The other point you could look at, is that I am the one who re-raised all-in. Dumb move, with hind-sight being 20-20, but you want to get as many chips in, in the best possible position. I was an 83% favorite to win this hand at the point when I went all-in. I could have played more cautiously, that is true, but I would have likely called an all-in after the Turn anyway. Putting him on Q-8 would have been hard at that point.

There are always many ways to play all hands, sometimes, you can play it the right way and still come up short. I try not to dwell on it, try not to worry about, and just trust that the odds will stay in my favor the next hand. All you can do is get your chips in when you have the best advantage and let the cards fall where they may.



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