Great Job Jack Effel at the 2013 WSOP


As anyone who follows poker on my site knows, in the 2012 WSOP at a $1500 NLH bracelet event I had my entire chip stack stolen while on break. The WSOP did nothing about it and Jack Effel told me it was too bad, but that they did nothing wrong. So check this out:

This is a repost of a story on from this year’s 2013 WSOP:

“Poker pro Mike Sowers, who has played thousands of tournaments in his lifetime, had one incredibly bizarre hand happen to him about a week ago at the 2013 World Series of Poker. He said it’s “the craziest hand I’ve played, maybe ever.”

According to Sowers, right after a new dealer came to the tournament table, he was dealt pocket nines and raised from the under-the-gun position to 200, and the guy to his immediate left three-bet to 525, and another player called. Sowers called as well.

The flop came 9Heart Suit 8Heart Suit 7Heart Suit, giving Sowers top set.

Sowers checked, the re-raiser checked, and the third player bet 800. Sowers check-raised, making it 2,600, and the player in the middle folded. The third player put Sowers all in for about 5,500. Sowers made the call for his tournament life.

His set was tabled, and the other player exposed the QHeart Suit QClub Suit, and had a flush draw.

Sowers remembered: “The dealer looked at me and said, ‘Sorry man, bad beat.’ And I looked at him and was like, ‘You know I have the best hand, right?’ And again he just said, ‘Sorry man, bad beat.’ And then the turn brought the 6Heart Suit, and the river the QDiamond Suit, and I’m just sitting there, looking at [the dealer]…at this point I am kind of flustered.”

After the bust, Sowers said he exited the tournament room and later heard from one of his former table-mates that the dealer “was laughing and said he didn’t even shuffle the deck.”

Sowers returned to the Rio after hearing that, and he talked to the floor staff. He later talked to tournament director Jack Effel, who runs the show, and he gave Sowers a refund.

“[Jack] still never told me what happened, but something had to have happened,” Sowers said. “They had to see something on the camera. They told me they didn’t even look at the cameras, but I don’t think that’s true.” According to Sowers, the dealer was fired.”

Jack Effel

What this is, is complete and total bullshit. Last year in a WSOP $1500 NLH Event, I got up during the 2nd scheduled 20 minute break and the player to my immediate left stole my entire chip stack. That’s right, stole it and put it in his pile. When I cam back from break with the rest of the table all I had was a bottle of water and my sunglasses case sitting there. One of the dealer’s jobs is to watch the chips while players are on break…..
To make long story short, they penalized me and made me sit out over 2 rotations of the table while they reviewed video. After looking at the video, they determined the player took my chips by mistake, they gave me a random amount back and broke up the table! NOTHING was done to the chip thief at all.

I complained directly to Jack Effel and was told to go piss up a rope. I asked for a refund. He told me nothing was done wrong and good luck in future WSOP events. I still have the phone message he left me telling me that the WSOP did nothing wrong in allowing my chip stack to be stolen nor in penalizing me by making me sit out while they looked at the video rather than just stop the action at the table. Nor did they do anything wrong by not penalizing the thief.
Now, you tell me how Mike Sower’s bad beat warrants a refund and my getting my entire chip stack stolen (and then to penalize me on top of it!) does not? Great job Jack, really great job. Obviously the Rio and the WSOP is a really fair and trustworthy place to play poker……


  1. Yea, Jack Effel is a complete moron. Watching some of the “goingsouthvideos” on youtube makes me wonder how he hasn’t been fired yet.


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