How to Win at No Limit Texas Hold em


If you are one of the millions of players currently interested in No Limit Texas Hold em, either online or off, you want to be as good a player as you can be. You want to push your game to the next level instead of just relying on luck to get you through the various situations that you will come up against time and time again at the poker table. You want to have the knowledge to make proper decisions, as really, that is what playing poker is all about; making the right decision based on limited information. How good you are at doing this determines, ultimately, how good of a poker player you are. The best way to improve your skills immediately is to get my e-book (or the printed version) The No B.S. Guide To Winning Online No Limit Texas Hold’em.

In this jam-packed 240 page book, I will discuss in depth, and in an easy to understand manner, the concepts you will need to take your game to a consistently winning level. Topics like Sit n Go’s, cash ring games, multi-table tournaments will be discuss section by section with specific hand examples from hands that I actually played. No theoretical hands, or talk about how things “should” work out. You will learn from hands that were actually played in real competition. Some were played well, some poorly and with mistakes, but you will learn from them either way.

I talk about you to play certain card combinations in certain situations, (pocket pairs, big-slick, suited connectors, etc) how to play with the short stack, the big stack, early in a tournament, late in a tournament and everything in between. If you play much Texas Hold em, especially online, there are some techniques and strategies that you  should know to get a leg up on the millions of other players out there.

If you are going to spend your time (and your money) playing Texas Hold em, you may as well be as good a player as you can be. You will improve your first time playing after reading my book, The No B.S. Guide to Winning Online No Limit Texas Hold’em, I guarantee it.

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