Illinois Attempting To Join States With Online Gaming


While the immediate prospects may not be particularly promising, Illinois is attempting to join the short list of states to pass online gaming bills. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are already set with legalized online poker laws on the books and even though senate president John Cullerton is expected to wipe online gaming from a current bill proposal, he is expected to bring it back as a stand alone issue.

Online Poker

Illinois legislators (like many other states) are starting to salivate at the prospective revenue that online poker could bring to the state in tax dollars. With many states budget’s in financial disarray, it is tough to see how they can avoid something that is inevitable as the legalization of online poker. While it looks like, Nevada will probably be the only state to puts cards in the air any time soon, the more I see of this type of proposed legislation in various states, the more hope I have for online poker to come back to the United States quickly.



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