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I’m Chris Wilcox, Internet Poker Coach, and the author of the No B.S. Guide To Winning Online Texas Hold ‘Em.  I am here to help you make extra money playing poker!

Do You Want to Improve Your Online Poker Play?

As Your Internet Poker Coach, Let Me Show You How Good You Really Can Be!


Would you like a professional poker player to analyze your game?  Would you want someone to look over your shoulder and see if there are any fixes that you can put to work for you quickly and profitably?  Do you have specific hand combinations that you want to run by someone to see if your play gave you the greatest upside potential?  This is where I can help you.

  Many people don’t think they can afford a professional poker coach and that is usually correct.  Most pros charge $200+ per hour and up.  The reason poker coaching is expensive is that it is much more profitable for a professional player to just play poker than to coach.  Fewer headaches really.  Most coaches feel like “Hey, if I am going to spend my time and energy helping students, I need to get paid for my time.”

While I do feel the same way, I have a different philosophy.  Let me explain.

$200+ or more for coaching is a lot of money.  I agree.  $200+ per hour or more for coaching can really add up quickly especially when you are just starting out.  You can blow your entire bankroll just on coaching.  I realize that when you are starting out, you have limited funds.

I have designed different packages to grow with your bankroll.  As I help you get better and better and grow your bankroll you will want more and more coaching from me.  Most other coaches price themselves out of the market for beginning students and these are the students who can benefit the most from coaching.

I have different coaching packages available to fit my student’s needs.  I have an introductory coaching package that lets my students get a taste of what I can do for them.

This package includes three 30-minute sessions for $49.97… you won’t find that price anywhere on the internet…. at least not with a real poker coach.  This is about as risk free of an offer that I can make to you for 90-minutes of live coaching with me.

Again, my theory is this…  If I can help you grow your bankroll you will want to continue to improve your game and continue consulting with me about your play.  This is exactly what I am looking for….  long term relationships with passionate poker players that want to improve their games.  I know that if you don’t get the results you are looking for, you are not going to continue with my coaching.

I have four coaching packages for you to choose from.  Find the one that fits you best and buy it.  You will not be disappointed. 

Don’t think you are ready for coaching yet?  Not a problem.  Most of my coaching students became familiar with me and my strategies that I lay out in my black book of poker that I authored……..  The No BS Guide to Winning No Limit Online Texas Holdem.  

Check out my ebook and coaching packages and choose the right one for you… Then let’s get started!

Chris Wilcox

The Internet Poker Coach


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