IPC Addresses Oakland Raider’s QB Troubles


Here’s a fact: The Oakland Raiders have a good team. Their 4-2 record indicates that.

Here’s another fact Jason Campbell is not bad, and rapidly improving, BUT he has a broken collarbone. He ain’t comin’ back this season.

Yet another fact: Kyle Boller sucks, as indicative of his play today against the Browns.

Here is a possible solution: get Brett Farve!

Really, what do the Raiders have to lose? If Campbell is out for any significant amount of time, Boller screws the Raider’s season. With the passing of Al Davis, and the Raider’s on the brink of becoming a VERY good team, what could be more poetically precise than 67-year old Brett Farve coming out of retirement and QB’ing the Raiders, a la’ George Blanda?

Did Farve have a tough year last year? Sure. Can he do it? Does he have the experience? Please.

Is Farve at age 96 better than Kyle Boller now? HANDS DOWN!

So, Mark Davis, now is the time to cement YOUR legacy in Raider lore along with your legendary Dad and put Brett Farve at the helm of this team!

Just saying…………..


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