Irish Poker Open Slowroll


I keep seeing articles about this dude playing in the Irish Poker Open who slow-rolled his flopped nut flush. In case you don’t know what a slowroll is, it is basically when a player has the best hand and takes his own sweet time turning over his cards. It is considered bad etiquette and most players who have spent much time at a live poker table know not to do it because it is likely to piss somebody off. This guy, Andreas Gann,¬† apparently thought about his hand for about a minute before turning over the nut flush. The commentators were pissed about it as well as the other players at his table. Clearly the poker gods didn’t like it much either since his opponent Rivered a fullhouse and knocked Mr. SlowRoll out of the tournament.


First of all, Irish are a touchy bunch and poker players as a rule are a touchy bunch of know-it-alls. If you have ever sat down at a live poker table you will find it filled with players who know approximately every single thing there is to know about poker and are more than happy to tell you about. I’m generally not much of a talker at the poker table and one of the reasons is that I get real tired of hearing some fat old man tell me everything in the world about his poker game and the entire table’s game. While I am a fan of general courteousness and politeness, I think things like slow-rolling get blown way out of proportion.

Let’s face it folks, is it really all that insulting that some guy took (what you perceived to be) too long to turn over his cards? I hate to say ‘can’t we all just get along?’ but etiquette infractions happen at the poker table every time you sit down at one. You find rude morons at every time and I personally don’t find it any more insulting that a guy took 43 seconds to turn his cards over than I do the guy who tells everyone at the table how to play, or the guy who rants and raves about every bad beat.

People are rude in life  and tend to be rude at the poker table as well. If you get all shook up about things like slow-rolling and find an insult in every little thing that other players tend to do, then you are going to end up not enjoying yourself very much at the poker table. Worry about your own poker game, worry about being as polite at the table as you can, and let the things everyone else does slide right off your back. If you do, you will be much more successful and find a much more stress free poker environment.


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