Is Full Tilt Poker A Raw Deal?


Although I play several online poker sites, I spend the majority of my time playing on Full Tilt.  To put it simply, FTP has deployed a native client that renders the action most similarly to live poker.  That’s where my love of the FTP client starts and stops.  The rest of it is all poker to me.

However, in recent weeks, a smattering of complaints about FTP have been brought to bear on this site, including allegations of hand-rigging, unfair hand generation (ie-the favorite keeps losing at showdown), profiling, and (most concerning) the withholding of earnings from players.

I’d like to hear more stories about how FTP has conducted its business with you as you play.  Having run hundreds of scenarios with an actual deck of cards, I’d like to steer away from suck-outs to focus more on times you felt you were treated unfairly.

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