Is Online Internet Poker Rigged???


I wanted to post this morning about all the talk in the threads I see on the net about how online poker is rigged. Without very much effort, you can find dozens of threads that go on for days about bad beats, how Full Tilt is rigged, PokerStars is rigged and all online poker is a joke that no one but an idot would play. (even as the writers themselves keep playing it!)

Anyway, I spent a number of hours playing various live tournaments this week and after seeing some really odd hands, bad plays, bad calls, bad beats, etc etc, it reminded me how live poker is just as “rigged” as online poker!

Over the course of last week I played various multi-table tournaments at Caesar’s Palace, The Venetian, The Mirage, and The Wynn. When you are playing online, many players tend to get frustrated by stupid plays and blame the online game for those plays being made, but I am here to tell you, just as many dumb plays are made in live games in large casinos, as are made online. Here is just a samplying from hands that I played:

1) I was busted in a tournament when a player went all in out of turn, ended up being forced to call my all in after he wanted to fold. His A-Jo hit a J on the flop to beat my A-K.

2) I lost with a set of 8’s to TWO players who chased an inside straight draw and hit it on the Turn. One chased with nearly all his chips, one was, at least, a big stack.

3) I was busted when a player called my all in with pocket 7’s  for over 1/2 his chips with nothing more than A-9 off suit. Of course, he hit a 9 on the Turn and I was done.

4) I lost to a guy who called a $3k pre-flop raise with 2-4 suited. My Q-J both hit on the flop and my 2-big pair ended up being beaten by a pitiful flush that should not have been in the hand had the guy only had an ounce of brains.

The point is, online poker is no more rigged than poker at the Venetian card room in Vegas. A lot of people play NL Texas Hold’em these days. A lot of people play very poorly. You see them in the casino and you see them online. You see more of the them online just due to the fact that there are more players and more hands being dealt, but I would guess that the ratio is about the same. It just seems more apparent online than it does live.

If you are going to play in poker tournaments, you are going to run into bad beats, probably much of the time. Play more tournaments to compensate for this, and the nice thing about playing online is that you can spend a lot less of a buy in for a lot more up side in prize money because there are so many more players playing. Plus, you don’t have to sit at a table with them for 8 hours!

More tomorrow on live tournament play vs. online tournament play.

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  1. The poker sites have no interest in running a rigged game, sometimes such as the Ultimate bet scandal players can cheat, but even then the site collects millions and millions in fees and rake. And UB made it right with the players who were cheating.
    If you think players are cheating report them, the sites have ways to look at the histories and see if something is amiss. Dont bitch and moan on the blogs or in the chat box, just makes you look like the donk.

    Having said that, some feel that the RNG and algorithms are somehow rigged, but then how can it predict or even reward the donk who makes a bad play. Accept that in the end you are still gambling and betting your skills will in the end defeat the donks.

    Either that or take up competitive crochet.


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