Las Vegas Casinos Moving Ahead With Online Poker


As the rush to compete in the initial online poker push in Nevada continues, all of the Station casinos have been approved by the state to conduct internet poker operations.The NGG (Nevada Gaming Commission) gave approval to the Station casinos to begin development and operation plans. This of course includes Red Rock, (one of my favorites)

Red Rock Casino


Santa Fe, Boulder Station, Green Valley Ranch and all the rest of the casinos that fall under the Station umbrella. Unlike other Nevada companies like Caesar’s entertainment, Station casinos are not partnering with an outside source for online poker. They will do all of their development and operations in house, which may or may not make a bit of difference in the long term.

It will be interesting to see what shakes out with these various mega-casinos as they all jump into the world of online poker. Of course, the games will only be open to players in Nevada initially, but after the games start going live, I would expect other states to jump in to instra-state games if for no other reasons than the tax revenue that it will bring in. It’s probably a bit unrealistic to think games will be being played by the 2013 WSOP, but it won’t be long after that if at all.




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