Las Vegas Poker Boot Camp

Sure, other poker boot camps can tell you about how they have the most ‘pros’ to give you advice and that you can have lunch with them and ask them how they feel about their ham sandwich, but really, who cares? What IPC gives you is a TEACHER of the game of poker, and not only that, teaching on a very personal, interactive level. What you get with IPC is an elite-level professional poker player who can also teach the game at the fundamental level to the advance level and show you how to think like a poker player.
IPC Poker Boot Camps are ‘capped’ at 18 players. What this means to you is that you get exclusive, hands on, personal instruction for 2 days. Not listening to ‘someone talk, who once won a tournament in 1992’.
You get Internet Poker Coach’s proven 100-Point teaching system that will take your game to the next level and make you a consistently profitable player. You will not learn  just a ‘system’. Nor will you be asked to memorize numbers, percentages, and formulas. What you will be taught is how to THINK in every poker situation.
My coaching is personal and geared to help your game, not to make you play exactly the way I would, or the way anybody else would. This is the idea of keeping the instruction to small groups instead of lumping you into a class and treating you like a number. Your questions WILL be answered and you WILL become a better poker player  How sure am I that you will become a better poker player? I am willing to stake you in a live tournament in Vegas after the first day’s sessions AND you will have the opportunity to win the FULL PRICE of your coaching package in an 18-player SnG on the 2nd day! How’s that for a guarantee?


– How to read your opponent
– Picking up tells
– Controlling your emotions
– How to build a chip stack
– Easy ways to calculate pot odds
– Playing short-stacked (and how to know when you are!)
– Playing short handed
– Changing gears in a tournament
– Playing with a big stack
– Setting traps
– Adjusting your play based on the players at your table
– How to avoid having your own tells
– Early, middle, and late tournament strategy
– Final table play
– Bubble play
– Dealing with bad beats
– Projecting a table image (and changing it!)
– How to bet each street
– Avoiding traps
– Learning to put your opponents on hands
– How to play position and when
– Adjusting to tournament structures (starting stack size, blind increments, antes)
– Reading board texture


Because you will learn how to become a winning tournament player. Instead of wasting your money at the local casinos or coming to Vegas and playing haphazardly in a tournament and hoping for ‘good cards’, you will learn to consistently money in tournament poker and give yourself a shot to win every one you enter. Why? Simple, my teaching works. I have coached hundreds of students live and in person, online, via Skype, phone calls, etc and I have improved the poker game of each and every one of them. Don’t believe me, just ask them. I will provide you with references.


Sure, books are great and you will get a copy of mine when you attend the camp, but you cannot learn from a book the same way you can learn by personal, hands-on instruction. Your questions will be answered as you ask them. You learn from me as well as from your fellow players at a very accelerated level. There is no better way to jump start your game than an intensive 2-day poker camp. You will even have the opportunity to purchase a DVD of the entire Poker Book Camp so that you can go back and refer to it over and over again.


Las Vegas works because it is a great setting to learn and PLAY poker. Your first day of instruction will be followed by actually going out and playing poker at various rooms and tournaments around town. The following day, we will compare notes and learn from the real experience that you had the evening before.
Don’t want to pay the buy in for a live tournament? NO PROBLEM. IPC will pay your buy in for you! Yes, you heard me right. I am going to improve your poker play so much in one day of instruction that I will put my money where my mouth is. I will stake you to go play in preferred games around Vegas after your first full day of instruction. That’s how confident I am that you will be a better play. That fast.


We will get together at 10am the first day at the Mirage. IPC has negotiated a deluxe meeting room where we will have our own private tables and dealers to go through hand examples, lectures, and many Q&A sessions.
We will break for lunch at 1pm. Reconvene at 2:30 and go until 6pm. At that point, you will have the option of playing on your own or having ‘the coach’ stake you to go play in a nightly tournament at card rooms like The Venetian, Mirage, Bellagio, Aria, Caesar’s Palace, Treasure Island, or the Wynn, as well as others.
I will also pick a tournament to play myself to be around for questions and real time instruction (as permitted during breaks etc) while you are playing.

The second day, we will meet in the Mirage meeting room at 10am to compare notes, answer questions and have more instruction. In this session, all the situations you ran into the previous evening will be addressed. Not items that you don’t care about or already know. We will visit every topic that came up for you and your fellow poker players and discuss and dissect them. At 2pm you will have the chance for One-on-One instruction with ‘the coach’ or the opportunity to play in a turbo SnG free-roll among the camp players for a winner take all chance to win the cost of the camp back! That’s right, 1 player will walk away with the prize for winning this Sit-n-Go and get the cost of the camp on IPC! The evening you will have free to unleash the skills you have picked up from the camp on Las Vegas once again.


The cost of the IPC 2-day Poker Boot Camp is $1499.
Yes, that is cheaper than the competition. Not only that, you get my undivided attention for 2 days. I do not have to pay ‘poker pros’ an appearance fee, who may or may not help your game, so I can charge less for my program. Sure, you may get a guest instructor or even 2, but what you get is an excellent, proven, TEACHER of the game for 2-days. Period.
In addition, IPC has negotiated a discounted room rate with the Mirage Casino. You can stay at the Mirage for $99/night when you sign up for the program. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for a Mirage/MGM player’s card which will entitle you to more discounts and offers on future stays in Vegas.

Also, along with 2 days of intense poker instruction, being staked in a real tournament by IPC, and the $1499 free-roll, you will be given a copy of my book, The No B.S. Guide to Winning Texas Hold’em, along with some other cool swag from IPC and the Mirage.


All IPC Poker Boot Camps are fully transferable. That means, you can sell it to a buddy or have them attend by giving notice up to 24 hours before the event. You may also re-schedule to a Boot Camp at another date up to 7 days before your event.


No problem. Call me, the Internet Poker Coach, at 406-670-6953 at any time. If I am not available, I am probably playing poker, so leave me a message and I will usually respond within a couple of hours.  You can also fill out the general contact form HERE. There are no secrets here, you can call me with any questions both before and after you complete the program. Nearly all of my students maintain contact with me in one form or another and we talk all things poker on a regular basis. Once you have completed a program, you get access to me in the future. That’s a promise.
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