Live Poker Tournaments at the Venetian in Vegas Deep Stack Extravaganza


This is just a reminder for those of you who play live poker tournaments. The Ventian in Vegas (one of my favorite card rooms) is starting another Deep Stack Extravaganza series of tournaments in a couple of days. January 29th and running through February 25th, there will be deep stack tournaments starting every day. These tournaments will have a buy in from $340 and up and there are generally satellites being played at least a couple of tables so that you can win your way in if you don’t want to pay the full buy in.

Along with NL Hold’em tournaments, there will also be some Omaha and Horse games, so if you are in Vegas or planning to be in this time frame, get online and go the Venetian card room for more info/rules, etc or see below for  complete schedule of events. There is a ton of prize money to be one, and this is one of the nicest, most comfortable card rooms in Vegas to play at, so take advantage. See you at the tables.

Here is a complete listing of the events:

January 29th Through February 24th, 2010

FRI 1/29/10 $340 No-Limit SAT 2/13/10 $550 No-Limit
SAT 1/30/10 $340 No-Limit SUN 2/14/10 $340 No-Limit
SUN 1/31/10 $340 No-Limit MON 2/15/10 $550 No-Limit
MON 2/1/10 $550 No-Limit MON 2/15/10 $550 H.O.R.S.E. 4 p.m.
MON 2/1/10 $1,070 P.L.O 4 p.m. TUE 2/16/10 $340 No-Limit
TUE 2/2/10 $340 No-Limit WED 2/17/10 $340 No-Limit
WED 2/3/10 $340 No-Limit THU 2/18/10 $340 No-Limit
THU 2/4/10 $1,070 No-Limit FRI 2/19/10
with $200
Re-buys Super Satellites
FRI 2/5/10 $340 No-Limit FRI 2/19/10
with $200
Re-buys Super Satellites
4 P.M.
SAT 2/6/10 $550 No-Limit FRI 2/19/10 $540 Super Satellites
8 P.M.
SUN 2/7/10 NO
SATELLITES SAT 2/20/10 $5,000 NAPT
MON 2/8/10 $550 No-Limit SUN 2/21/10 – NAPT (Day 2)
MON 2/8/10 $550 Omaha H/L
4 p.m. MON 2/22/10 –
NAPT (Day 3)
TUE 2/9/10 $340 No-Limit TUE 2/23/10 – NAPT (Day 4)
WED 2/10/10 $340 No-Limit WED 2/24/10 – NAPT (Day 5)
THU 2/11/10 $1,070 No-Limit
FRI 2/12/10 $340 No-Limit
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