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Anyone who has played poker with me knows that I am not a huge talker at the table. As a general rule I am polite without fail, but I am not a big fan of discussing what the weather is like in your home town of Toronto or what the dealers are like at an obscure casino in Wichita.¬† It’s not that I don’t like people, it’s just that I am usually playing poker for money and I like to concentrate on making money rather than making friends.

I thought I would talk today a little more about no limit holdem from the Aria. After railing about the jerk-off at the Aria the who wouldn’t pay the bubble (after playing for 8 hours in a 63-entrant tournament) and refused to chop on the basis that he didn’t understand what a chop was, (we found out he could understand everything we were talking about just fine) I thought I would take a minute and write about some of the excellent players and people that I met while I was playing this tournament. Much like everything in life there is much good to go along with the bad and I met some fantastic people while playing at the same table as the guy nobody could stand!

I found that no matter what area in your life you are examining, you will find that when it comes to people, you will meet good and bad. We like to focus on the bad because that sticks out most in our minds. This also relates to poker. If I asked 10 poker players what they remember about a specific tournament or session, 9 out of 10 will relay some kind of bad-beat story. They remember that hands that they lost, or the negative, and all the positives are overlooked. When your KK holds up over 99, they is just the normal course of nature. Things are as they should be and as such, not really notable. However, when your QQ is cracked by some guy with pocket 6’s, this is notable and remembered because it went against the flow. We recall the negative aspects of events way too much. It is the way the human brain works, but it is not terribly healthy.

With that in mind I wanted to give a shout out to some of the excellent players (and excellent human beings) that I played with at the Aria on Monday. Not all are included in this picture, but the Final Table in particular was a group of gentleman who I would play cards again with any time.

Final Table Aria

I had a lot of fun with these guys and what was otherwise a long, drawn out, grind of a tournament became a lot of fun. Thanks guys!


I would also like to acknowledge Rudy Tabasa who I really enjoyed playing against. I have a lot of respect for his game, even if he was the one to callously knock me out in 4th place with his J-2! (just kidding Rudy)


Rudy is the owner of Halfbreed Clothing and if you want some cool and unique gear, check out his site!

Great guy and a great player, he and his buddies really made the day enjoyable for me and THAT is what I took away from the experience rather than the antics of one jack-ass. Its always nice when you can learn something at the poker  table and meet great people as well. Good luck at the tables and remember to treat your fellow players with respect. You will end up with a much better experience for your effort than if you constantly accentuate the negative!

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