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For those of you following my posts on Full Tilt’s recent cash out dilemmas, I have no good news to report. I have been getting more and more feedback from other poker players who have had the same experiences that I had recently with checks from Full Tilt bouncing. I have also been hearing that the bank transfers are no longer going through nearly as fast, with some players waiting a week with still no word on if there money is going to be transferred into their account or not.

Again, the worst part is Full Tilt’s total lack of communication and customer service with these problems. There is little or no follow up and when there is, it is all ‘canned answers’ and excuses.

Another oddity is that no one online seems to be writing about this aside from me. I don’t know why other poker blogs and sites would not want to alert players to these problems and that is partly why I have harped on it so much. You need to know if you are going to play poker on a site whether or not you can ever get your money out of them and at this point, I see no reason to ever play poker on Full Tilt again. If that changes, I will certainly let everyone know.

For the record, I have heard of a few problems with PokerStars, however, they have been extremely quick to rectify any problems and also provided good compensation to the players who had troubles, unlike the laughable $25 that I was given by Full Tilt. I wonder why there are 300,000+ players at any one time on Stars and Tilt has 65,000? Hmmmmmm……

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  1. Been trying since Sept 7, 2010 to get my measley $108 from Full Tilt Poker.

    It is Now Nov 29, 2010 and still no refund.

    They have taken bullshit excuses to the extreme.


  2. Waited 5 weeks for my bads checks….A few more days for the Funds to be put back into my Full Tilt account and now its been 15 business days (three weeks) since I cashed again and did a bank transfer………..No Money yet!!!!!! Its been over 8 weeks to not see any money yet!!!!!

  3. Hey man, I hope to hear from you….
    the way I found you site is because i just googled ” fulltilt poker cash out problem””

    I am not someone who exaggerate or anything, I am super pissed now…. so don;t mind me if I type a lot or sound angry because I fucking am….

    less than 2 years ago, I deposited money on fulltilt a few times and played occasionally, then one day I played $33 PLO tournament and made it to HU and made a deal and got $2200, this is when the bullshit started. i tried to cash out, they asked me to email them or fax them a copy of my driver’s license, a bill with my address on it … I did…
    forever later they replied saying, that the bottom part of the bill was missing ( which had irrelevant info) ….

    I was furious, I unconsciously started playing again but unconsciously wanted to lose it ( and they know that people do that when it;s hard to cash out so they delay and delay and delay) I had like $2400 and blew it in few hours playing cash games…..

    so then i thought to myself you know… get an insta debit account this way no bullshit… so i went through the hassle to get that and I did…. then made few deposits of $100 or $50 and lost them….. also used prepaid credit cards ( I am in canada) and also lost …. THEn i Thought I am going to put $50 on, whatever I iwn I am going ot cash out it out to see if they will give me headache, before i start playing a lot….sure enough I put $50 on and did well in one tournament and my roll went to $217 same day…. I cashed out $200 it said it takes UP TO 48 hours to process it which is B.S but whatever…..I already started feeling the b.s…. 2 days went by no answer no e,mail from them I emailed them half angry, their answer was that there is a delay ” unfortunately”” but they explained nothing….
    I got furious after everything I went through i started emailing them again with questions and clear anger….IF they replied they replied with the same ( copy and paste b.s) as if they never read a word i said……. and they said they cannot give me a timeframe as to when I will get my money and stuff…. then I emailed them 2 -3 emails basically telling them how horrible they are and how pokerstars have amazing customer service and that they reply with 20 minutes and sometimes 5 minutes if your subject is urgent…. II finally, emailed them an email and really trying to pull the screws on them I said that i will be thinking about opening a website dedicated to people who have had bad experiences with them and that i will take legal action if necessary. this is simply theft man. it takes effort to start a site but if we get eenough people we can sign a petition and sue them not only for the money ( and our time and hassle and every dime we ever lost there and every dime we paid in rake and $100 for every hour that we played there) but also for doing the right thing… cause they are screwing people over as simple as that… depositing is always instant and smooth and cashing out causes cancer…..

    I am super angry at these mother fuckers.

    ok i am done for now
    fucking morons


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