More on Legalization of Online Poker in the US


Two very well known names have joined the online poker organization Fair Play USA adding to the power this new advocacy group has in pushing for legalized online poker. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh and Tom Ridge the Secretary of Homeland Security have both taken a seat on the Board of Advisors at Fair Play USA which has been lobbying in Washington D.C. to regulate and legalize online poker. This group of advocates for the online industry consists of law enforcement officials, poker players, gaming industry leaders and consumer protection experts.


These advisors have played a major role in holding discussions with members of Congress and Presidential administrations leaders about the governing laws in the US and the potential positive impact legalizing online poker will have in the United States. One of the reasons that Louis Freeh has joined the board at Fair Play USA is because of the current state of confusion within the law enforcement organizations when it comes to enforcing the present laws. “The current federal laws do not provide law enforcement agencies the right tools to carry out their jobs, so I have joined Fair Play USA to help empower all law enforcement agencies with clarification of such laws so they may arrest violators and help to ensure licensing and regulation which will make online poker legal and safe.”

Having both of these political figures on the Board of Advisors of Fair Play USA give the organization some added prominence in the political world. Tom Ridge addressed a press conference recently and was quoted as saying “Prohibition hasn’t worked, criminalization doesn’t make any sense, the only alternative is to encourage Congress to oversee a legalized online poker world in the US by approaching them with input for all the right people and organizations including the law enforcement community, consumer protection advocates, child safety organizations and professional poker players. By using these organizations as guides in helping develop a regulatory framework enabling law enforcement to oversee a legalized online gaming industry in the US is the main objective and will hopefully succeed in their concentrated and united effort.


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