New PPA Updates on the Fight for Legalized Online Poker

Weekly Update from Rich Muny, VP of Player Relations

Online poker advocates are clearly being heard on Capitol Hill. I thank every one of you for making that happen. Without our actions and determination, those who would ban online poker could have succeeded in their efforts to convince lawmakers that Americans want government bans on this activity. Fortunately, we poker enthusiasts did not give up. Instead, we rose up and told Congress that we demand our rights, showing them that millions of us are behind this!

Take Action

In less than one minute, you can send pro-poker tweets to the White House and House & Senate leadership! They all need to hear from us, so please be sure to tell your lawmakers to support your rights by sending all of the prefilled, fully editable tweets below. Simply click the links and then click “send”. It’s that easy!. Let’s all ensure that they know this liberty is being sought by millions of Americans, including you!


Republicans [1]

Republicans [2]

To keep up the momentum, please bookmark the daily action plan and check it out each day. I update it every morning with new actions we can take to stand up for the game. These, like the one above, take just a couple of minutes to complete but really make a difference in our fight!

Fight for Poker Rights Daily Action Plan on Two Plus Two
Fight for Poker Rights Daily Action Plan on PocketFives
Fight for Poker Rights Daily Action Plan on Deuces Cracked
Fight for Poker Rights Daily Action Plan on The Donkey Farm

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