NL Holdem Knockout Tournaments


I have talked about the proftitability of the 90-player Knockout tournaments on Full Tilt in this blog many times. In addition to the 90-player SnG types, they also run throughout the day, larger tournaments with anywhere from a $3.30 buy in to the Sunday brawl which is $240+$16. Probably in response to the popularity of these tournaments on FT, PokerStars has now instituted a bunch of their own.

If you are looking for the SnG’s it is very easy to use the SnG ‘tab’ and then type ‘knockout’ into the filter. This will show you KO tournaments from 9-player to 90-player and all the way up to $265+ buy ins. There is something for every buy in level in these KO’s and in addition, Stars is offering larger tournaments at various times that you will find just by scrolling through the tournament tab.

If you like tournament play and SnG play, KO’s are some of the best investment of your money that you can make. The nice thing about them is that because you can earn the KO bonus, you can limit your variance on your spend if you happen to have a bad beat and not make the money in the tournament overall. Plus winning it or placing in it will generally mean you have at least a few KO’s to go with that, making it even more profitable.

It is good to see PokerStars add a full field of these types of tournaments, so if you play strictly on PS, get on and give the Knockouts a try.

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  1. Wow!!!! no one has made a comment, does that mean everyone dosen’t care one way or the other. Hmmmmmm I can see how this format changes how people play. If fact I am thinking of no longer playing this format. I love Holdem but not KO Holdem

    • Just curious. What don’t you like about the KO’s? I have found that because other players change their playing style so much to try and get more knockouts that it is easy to exploit them. What do you think?


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