NL Texas Hold em Poker Winning Satellite Strategy


Now is the time to be playing satellite tournaments on Full Tilt With the FTOPS promotion coming up in the beginning of May there are dozens of satellite tournaments to these events as well as WSOP qualifying, to be played every hour.    All you have to do is search under the “tourney” tab and you can find them at every dollar level and every variety of poker, from NL Hold’em (which has the most) to Omaha, Stud h/l, Razz, and HORSE.  You will not find a better time to play satellite poker tournaments.    One question that I am asked a lot is: “if you win a satellite, do you have to play in a certain tournament?” The answer is “no!”

That is the nice thing about Full Tilt’s satellites.  If you win one, you will many times be automatically entered in a tournament. All you have to do is go to that tournament and un-register yourself. Your buy in will then be credited back to your account in “tournament dollars” This is great because then you can just build up your tournament dollars to use in a tournament of your choice, at the time that works best for you, rather than having to commit to playing in a tournament while it is 3am in the part of the world you live in.    You can also use the tournament dollars to play in different tourneys as well. Lets say you win entry playing a  Stud h/l tournament, you can turn that into tournament dollars and play in a No Limit tournament if you find a juicy one that you really want to be involved in.

Also, if you need to, you can always convert those tournament dollars into real dollars, although FT does charge a percentage to do that.   Remember to, there are leader boards and additional cash and prizes for those playing and winning a lot of satellites. So, it is a really good time to get in on some of these satellite tournaments. You don’t have to win most of them to get paid, just place in the top number of players, and you can end up with large bank roll by doing so!

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