NL Texas Hold em Strategy for Basic Starting Hands


If you find yourself losing hands consistently after the flop, you are probably playing way to many hands and picking the wrong starting hands. In most NL Hold em games, most players are way too loose in their starting hand selection. This leads to trouble and some really inconsistent sessions of poker. Sure, you may luck out and win a big hand when that K-8 off suit hits 8-8-2 on the Flop, but for the most part, playing hands like that is a losing proposition and one that will keep you from being a long term winner at the poker table.

If there is one thing that you can do to your poker game that will make an immediate impact on your bankroll, it is simply to tighten up your starting hand selection. I’m not talking about late in a tournament, or when you are playing position, etc etc. I am talking about hands in general that you should stay away from.   A-8 in early position. Q-7 off suit in mid or late position. Suited cards like 5-6 or 9-2. Get away from playing these types of cards asap. They are too hard to hit and when they do hit you don’t always end up with the winning hand.

If you are playing cards that when they hit, and I mean hit to the best possible scenario, you can still be beaten easily, then you are playing the wrong cards.    Don’t believe me? Think about it.   At least every game I play in on Full Tilt, I will see someone play bone-head cards such as T-3 suited, hit their flush and lose all their chips to someone playing A-Q suited who hit a higher flush.   Or, late position they limp in with 9-4 off suit, hit 9’s on the flop and lose all their chips to someone in early position with with pocket J’s or T’s.

It happens all the time and it is a good way to throw away your money. Get used to showing some restraint and letting questionable hands go. Too often players justify playing a hand that they should have folded by convincing themselves that position, chip stack, point in a tournament was more important than it really was and compelled them to play the hand. While I agree, there are circumstances that dictate being a hand with poor starting cards, they are not nearly as abundant as you might think.    Poker is a lot of folding, folks. I know it is boring to fold and we all want to be part of the “action” but become more selective in the hands you play and you will win much more often and a lot more money.

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