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Although I have written a lot on the subject of No Limit Texas Hold’em over the last few years, (including my original No BS to Winning No Limit Texas Holdem)I have never written anything specifically for tournament players until now. This week saw the publication of my No Limit Holdem Tournament Strategy guide as part of my Poker Kickstarter Course offering.  Click HERE to check it out

This book, like the others in the series is a shortened condensed version of NLH designed solely to help tournament players. Many of the players I have coached over the years have come to me because of an interest in tournaments. Some want to play WSOP events and some just want to be competitive at a yearly charity event or neighborhood game. No matter what category you fit into, you will find useful information in this guide that will make you a better tournament poker player.

Each book is about 25 pages long, designed to get you the information you need quickly and easily and without having to spend days slogging through it. Each book still contains hand examples from actual hands that I have played in a poker tournament, and it takes you through my thought process card by cards. Even a successful tournament player will find tips and strategy here that they can integrate into their game. If you are a novice at tournaments, then you will quickly move to a profitable level!

So please check out my No Limit Holdem Tournament Strategy Kickstarter Course for a great price and let me know what you think!

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