No Limit Holdem Tournament Strategy Poker Kickstarter Course Ebook


So, you think you want to be a tournament poker player? Who doesn’t? The poker tournament is the lottery ticket of the poker industry and with the incredible juggernaut that is the WSOP, many players throughout the world have the dream of becoming a winning tournament player. But, do you really have what it takes, or even know what it takes to becoming a winning tournament player?

This guide will examine what it takes to play tournaments successfully both online and live and in general how you as a poker player, can succeed playing this very interesting format. No limit holdem tournament strategy. I will neither focus on live play nor online play in this guide, but instead give you some general thoughts, insights, strategies and guidelines for tournament play, both on the felt and off, to make you a winning player. Hopefully, you will then apply this to your own game to increase your ability to play winning tournament poker.

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