No Limit Texas Hold em Stratgey for Sit n Go’s


I think the hardest thing for most people playing Sit n Go’s online is dealing with the number of bad beats you will encounter. If you are a recreational player, you may only be playing 3 or 4 a day or less. By playing a limited number, you run the risk of being affected by the bad beats more than the player who plays more SnG’s. In other words, if you get sucked out on, and knocked out of 2 different tournaments and you are only going to play 3, that affects your mind set pretty quickly. By contrast, if you are playing dozens a day, a couple of bad suck-outs shouldn’t affect you that much because you know the odds will catch up to these stupid players and you will make it up over time.

So, how do you overcome the bad beats if you are playing a limited number of games? Play more cash games.

Sure, you are going to have bad beats in cash ring games, just like you are going to experience in tournaments or Sit n Go’s. However, if you bust out of a tournament, that’s it. You are done.

What’s the difference? The difference is, in a cash ring game, you can re-load and play against the same moron who just sucked out on you. In a SnG, that opportunity has come and gone. You have to just look to take your revenge on that player at some later date if you find his online ID playing.

Here is an example of what I mean: I was just playing a Sit n Go on Full Tilt. To make a long story short, I ended up losing my chip stack of about $5k with A-K off suit to a moron from Switzerland who called my all-in with 5-4 suited in spades!

This sucks, and I am out, nothing I can do. But, in a cash ring game, I can grab some more chips, keep my seat at the table and get my money back! Think about it. Do you think this chowder head’s luck is going to hold out long making plays like that? Why wouldn’t I want another shot at him. Fish like that I want at my table every time and in a cash ring game, I can even out the bad beats more so than I can in a Sit n Go.

Don’t confuse this with going on “tilt” and being obsessed with wreaking revenge on someone because of a bad beat. That is not what I am talking about.  All I am saying is, if you feel like you are experiencing more than your share of bad beats and you mainly play Sit n Go’s, try a cash ring game. You might find that you increase your bankroll faster than you think.

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