No Limit Texas Holdem Beginner Kickstarter Course Ebook


I have written an awful lot about No Limit Texas Hold’em over the last 5 or 6 years, starting with my first No B.S. Guide to Winning No Limit Texas Hold’em. However, I have never written a guide for beginners or one that could be digested quickly and easily. Owing to the fact that I have many friends who would like to learn to play poker but, due to my sarcastic nature, don’t want to ask me stupid questions, I decide to include as a part of my Poker Kickstarter Series, a guide that assumes no previous knowledge of poker. While this book is meant for the novice player, it also serves as a quick and easy refresher course for those that have dabbled in Texas Hold’em at a neighborhood game or a charity event, but never moved past that into the realm of actually learning how to play the game.

There will some ground that I cover in this book that seems very rudimentary, and it is exactly that. If you get to a section that is boring you to tears, simply move on to the next one. I am sure you will find concepts in this book that will help your game, even if you have played a bit of hold’em in the past. I will also go out of my way to define terminology and basic concepts that many players take for granted, but for novice players lacking this knowledge would dissuade them from sitting down at a poker table, especially a live one.

Poker can be intimidating if you have never played before and some/many/most of the players at any given table may be surly jack-asses. Even the dealers in some games may be of no help to a novice player although that should be a part of their job, especially in a cash game where they receive tips! Nevertheless, I will attempt to give you some basic (and some not so basic) answers to questions that you have always been afraid to ask so that you can sit down at a table and put the grouchy old guys in their place!

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