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If you follow my blog, you know that while I play a lot of NL Holdem, I also play many games like HORSE, Omaha, Omaha/8, Stud/8, Razz, etc in cash ring games, but also in tournament form. Playing these games in a tournament structure is much different than a cash game and it is something that I make quite a bit of profit from. The reason for this is that I tend to be up against less experience players in these tournaments than I am in their NLH counterparts. But, if you are a player who is looking to get tournament experience in these various games, Full Tilt offers some interesting options with their Mini FTOPS promo.

What I am talking about is satellites into the Mini FTOPS events. The reason these offer such a good training ground is that they have cheap, inexpensive buy ins, you can find them in any poker variation that is being played in the Mini Events, and you will be playing in a full tournament type strucutre, not a Super Turbo or something like that.

For example, in the next 20 minutes FT is offering a satellite to Mini Event #10 PL Omaha/8 for a buy in of $.85 Not only that, the top prize, or buy in, is $22, so you gain great experience for next to nothing, but you can also make some money. If you don’t want to play in event #10, no problem just unregister and you will have $22 in tournament dollars that you can use to play anything else.

Coming up in a little while is a 7-game mixed limit for $2.25 with 2-$22 seats guaranteed. This is a great opportunity to get your feet wet in 7-game ML for next to nothing and also show a nice profit if you win. These events are listed in blue under the ‘tournament’ tab and are going all day and all night long. You can find these whenever you want in a wide varitey of buy in amounts.

Take advantage of a great opportunity to hone your skills in other poker disciplines for cheap and maybe win some $$$ as you go.

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