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There are a couple of reasons to learn to play Omaha H/L. (which is also referred to as Omaha/8) It is a game that is often found both in cash variations and in tournaments both online and off, so you can play it pretty much anywhere. It is part of HORSE so if you ever plan to become involved in a HORSE tournament, it’s helpful to know how to play Omaha H/L at least competently. It is a split game and because of this, there are a lot of misconceptions about the game and you will sometimes find yourself playing against other players who don’t have a real firm grasp on the game. This translates into more dollars for you.

Like it’s sister game, PLO (pot limit Omaha) Omaha H/L is very mathematical. For our purposes here, we are not going to get heavily into calculating odds based on all the ‘wraps’ you will encounter in the game. In other words, you will have many hands to where you are drawing to 12-20 possible cards to make or improve your hand. While we will go over these possibilities, this will be more of a guide in theory and practicality rather an in depth numbers game. If you want to explore Omaha games in a more mathematical form, I suggest checking out Jeff Hwang, as his books on the subject are most insightful. They are also very dry and very tedious and you have to really WANT to get through them to read them from cover to cover.

This book will expose you to the game, give you a good basis as well as some theory, and hopefully keep you interested enough to delve further into the game. As you move into poker variations other than No Limit Texas Hold’em, it is easier to become good if you actually like playing. I truly like playing Omaha H/L and I believe that after reading this guide you will not only appreciate it and like, but be excited to get out there and play it as well.

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