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One thing that I really like about playing poker on Full Tilt is that there are plenty of tournaments in games other than NL Hold’em.  Sure, most of the offerings are NL Hold’em, but on other sites you will find games like Omaha in cash ring games and that is about it. On FT you will find a lot of Omaha tournaments at various buy ins and that is what I have been playing a lot of lately.

The nice thing about Omaha is that most of the players playing it are not really adept at it. You get a lot of Hold’em players who are used to playing a totally different strategy than is required for Omaha and you can take advantage of this big time.

For example, you will see a lot of players in a PL Omaha game raising and re-raising as much as they can with a high pocket pair of Q’s, K’s, or Aces. Seldom will these hands hold up in Omaha, so if you can see a flop with these players, many times you can decimate their chip stacks quite easily. That is the other thing with PL Omaha, since most players are used to playing NL, they re-raise like crazy trying to get all their chips in on what they see as a dominant hand. That hand might be dominant in Hold’em, but your double suited connectors can come in really handy in Omaha.

So, if you are getting raised pre-flop by one or more players in a PL Omaha game, you can assume that you are up against a big pair. Gauge your hand accordingly and just make sure you don’t get into a confrontation where your pair is up against a bigger one. Better to have some connectors for straight or a flush against these types of hands.

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