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I found this comment online, just one of about 6 million addressing the DOJ’s ridiculous shut down of online poker in the US. I really like this one, as it does a good job of conveying one of my opinions on this issue.

Feel free to post or email me any and all comments on the issue of online poker in the USA.

“Although the govt won’t say it, the real reason it shut down the sites is because they want tax revenue from the sites. You watch, the govt squeezed out the giants of online poker only to have bills introduced by senators (from Nevada) that will allow regulation and #### of online play. A bill introduced by Sen. Reid (from Nevada) calls for regulation of online poker, yet the bill also calls for a 6 month moratorium of online poker once the bill is signed in to law. Who does that benefit? The land based casinos who heavily contribute to Sen. Reid’s campaign. But somehow, the govt feels the need to protect us by going after PS, FTP and AP. Why only those 3? Why not Bodog, Doyles Room and any other site committing the same crimes? By getting rid of the big boys, the stage is set for land based casinos to enter the market without those 3 sites dominating the market. Companies that own The Wynn, Caesars Entertainment, Harrah’s Entertainment, etc. will have a much easier time entering the market. Isn’t it ironic that this administration appoints the CEO of GE to head the economic recovery advisory board, yet GE paid ZERO TAX DOLLARS! Why? Because they hold a couple of meetings each year overseas and get credit for operating as a foreign entity. Yet, the govt has this clown in charge of trying to figure out how to generate more revenue for the govt. Start by closing loopholes in the tax laws, make GE pay their fare share of taxes and don’t take away online poker.”

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