Online Poker Legislation in 2013


Even though the State of California is not looking likely to join Nevada in legalizing online poker this year, there may still be hope of getting a bill passed federally. Many were optimistic that CA would pass some legislation in 2013 with 3 bills on the table, but with the session ending to an end on September 6th, there is a good chance that it is dead for 2013. The usual infighting has taken place with no one being able to cooperate to get a bill passed and the Indian casinos in CA are not being particularly helpful either as they view online poker as something that could potentially hurt their business.

Harry Reid

However, while that is bad news in CA, the good news is that Harry Reid may try and revive his push to legalize online poker on a federal lever. Most poker pundits who follow such action viewed 2012 as the best shot for Harry Reid to get an online gaming bill passed, as 2013 is his congressional swan song. Nothing has been substantiated at this point, but Harry Reid himself is rumored to be the source of the news. Everything is second hand and nothing has been confirmed, but Reid’s supposed legislation would block all other forms of online gaming while making an exception for poker and obviously grandfathering in existing state gaming laws. Nevada and New Jersey would be the focal point to come up with regulating bodies for online poker, which makes sense as both states have legalized the game.

Overall, there has been very little to get excited about in the online poker world in 2013 unless you live in Nevada, but with Harry Reid around for a little while longer, let’s hope he revives the issue and finally gets something done.



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